Where can I Host a Free Website for a Charity?

One of the topmost priorities of nonprofits is to minimize operational costs as much as possible. The less you spend on running the nonprofit, the more there is to dedicate to the cause. In today’s day and age, it is vital for all businesses to have an online website for their NGO. Hence, it is crucial to find the best web hosting with great features at a reasonable price.

Thankfully you can find great websites that offer web hosting for NGOs at an extremely budget-friendly price. However, before we move on to that, let’s take a look at the aspects of web hosting you need to priotitise when selecting your web hosting service.

What features should your web hosting service provide?


You can find multiple web hosting services that offer great plans compatible with the requirements of an NGO. However, how can you find the best one? You can follow the list given below to ensure you choose the one that can help your NGO website the most. Take a look:

  1. Free-of-cost plans

Choose a free web hosting provider that offers free services to build an efficient website. While there are several who might charge a nominal fee, you can still find plenty that will be completely free of cost, which you should prioritise.


  1. Easy functionality

Saving time is also a huge aspect of selecting your web hosting provider. You should pick the one that makes building a website easy while also ensuring smooth operation.

  1. Customisation

Your website needs to grab the attention of your donors to raise money for your cause. Designing an aesthetically pleasing website can help attract more traffic your way. Since there are a number of charities with an online presence, your website needs to grab their attention to increase funds.

  1. Simplify accepting donations

A nonprofit relies on its supporters to function and stay afloat. Regardless of whether they volunteer or donate, they still play a huge role. Choose a web hosting service that offers plenty of tools that can help you manage various aspects of your website easily and deliver a great user experience while saving you precious time and money.

Why should you choose WHUK for your Charity web hosting?


WHUK aims at creating a powerful website for charities to help them achieve their goal by connecting to a wide audience online and making it easy to offer help in the form of donations and volunteer work. Remote access allows you to work from any corner of the world, whenever you want. With the advanced security measures WHUK enforces including free SSL certificates and daily backups, your website and database remain extremely secure.

Let’s take a look at the key features WHUK offers your charity.

  1. Free web hosting

It is not easy running a charity given the huge financial responsibilities that rest on your shoulders. Keeping this in mind, WHUK offers entirely free charity web hosting. You can avail yourself of unlimited email accounts and bandwidth to guarantee smooth website functioning. It will ensure your donors and volunteers can access your website whenever they require.

  1. Migration support

Migration can be a source of huge worry for a lot of business owners. However, with WHUK, you can put your mind to rest as it is guaranteed to be a smooth migration. They assign a team of experts that have immense knowledge of how to migrate your website without any problem. With this responsibility taken care of, you are free to focus on aspects of your charity that can help your recipients.

Your complete database can be easily transferred and you can get going. All of your sensitive information is also protected during the move which ensures you do not lose it and it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  1. Easy navigation

Web Hosting UK offers web hosting that is very simple to use. Their control panel is designed to help you navigate it without any problem. They offer a one-click application installer so you can insert whichever apps you choose without any hassle. You can begin your web hosting journey easily and start changing the world. If you ever run into any trouble, our competent support team is standing by to help you resolve it and restore smooth functioning.



WHUK offers the best web hosting for Charities. You can use them if you are a UK-registered charity. You need to have proof of your involvement with the charity when you apply for their service.

If you match all of these terms, it will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes to get you started after the payment and verification processes are complete. If you have any query at any time in the process or run into a problem, you can contact WHUK’s support team by raising a ticket or through live chat.

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