What role does Artificial Intelligence is playing in remote proctoring solutions?

Proctoring is a new normal in the education sector, it is not restricted to physical examination anymore. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the examination system is going through rapid development in many ways. Also, it has revolutionized the new ways of conducting examinations, which has led to increasing the demand for remote proctoring solution. Teachers and students are adopting online examination and giving exams from a remote location. Though, it is resulting in streamlining new ways for conducting the assessment. Hence, what has not changed is to maintain the authenticity of the exam with the intent of offering a positive experience to the students.

In-depth Analysis of Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring is the best alternative to the conventional form of examination. It is maintaining the authenticity of the exam with an AI-based monitoring tool. It offers a holistic experience by using the following tools such as :

  • Voice/Audio Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • Object Detection
  • Eye Movement Detection

Remotely proctored exam with AI and machine learning has become smarter, and it is making exams fairer and eliminating human bias.

Variants of Remote Proctoring

There are many types of remote proctoring. It depends on many factors that universities and organizations consider such as budget, experience, and risk level. So, remote proctoring is divided into three categories such as :

  • Auto Proctoring
  • Facial recognition
  • Object Detection
  • Eye movement Detection

Role of Artificial Intelligence in remote proctoring

Online remote proctoring with Artificial Intelligence is scalable and authoritative, and combining it with human wisdom is a prominent way for enhancing student positive experience. It provides valid results. Remote proctoring offers splendid functionality to maintaining the fairness of the exam also maintaining privacy and dignity. Hence, Institutes and colleges are researching investing in a remote proctoring solution.

The awareness has come a long way, and a lot of information is available about it. Initially, Universities and institutes were skeptical about the accountability and integrity of the exam. The success of remote examinations has made it popular amongst the institutes. The market has a surge need for remote proctoring after the advent of online examination. Therefore, technological advancement is not limited to educational institutes only. Many corporates are opting for remote proctoring solutions for online assessments.

AI technology in remote proctoring is making it more reliable. It scans the candidate through a webcam and analyses it with the photograph submitted by the candidate. Also, it verifies the student’s ID and raises a flag if the candidate is involved in any suspicious activity. Remote Proctoring is the future of online examination in coming years, and it is eliminating the requirement for hiring physical proctors and operational costs.

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