Virtual Town Hall Meetings: Ideas, Tips & Best Practices

Organizing Town Hall Meetings became a bothersome task, especially for businesses spread across various cities or countries, as all the delegates and employees of the organization are not present in a common location. Nevertheless, the inventive blend of event sphere and technical progressions has made it feasible to organize essential meetings like Town Halls with ultimate practicality and perfection.

Let’s explore the most advantageous ideas and practices to assure the success of your Virtual Team All-Hands Meeting.

Top Ideas to Create an Effective Virtual Town Hall Meeting

#1 Pre-Determine Your Purpose

Establishing your goal behind organizing an Online Town Hall Meeting is the elemental and the most essential step as you start to plan your event. A predetermined purpose does not only assist you to form a comprehensible structure but also in drafting proper content.

#2 Pick a Suitable Virtual Meeting Platform

A Virtual Town Hall Meeting Platform is the most essential aspect to bring your virtual meeting to life. Hence, make sure you pick a fitting virtual venue that presents you with the most innovative and helpful tools to heighten the efficacy of your Virtual Town Hall Event. A high-level virtual event platform is well-equipped with the most appropriate components that can magnify the success prospects of your meeting. 

#3 Provide Interactive Opportunities

Presenting interactive possibilities is another essential tip for your virtual town hall meeting. Interactive tools like live polls, trivia, Q&A sessions, contests, etc., can not only assist you to make the event more enjoyable but also increase your participants’ engagement.

#4 Create an Interactive and Engaging Virtual Town Hall 

It is necessary to recognize that as your participants are attending the meeting over a screen, their concentration span is relatively less. Hence, including excellent engaging and interactive tools at your Virtual Town Hall Meeting is very significant to ensure its success. Any online event meets the pitches of growth only if it provides an outstanding event experience to its remote attendees. And, your attendees’ fulfillment lies in the features of your event.

#5 Accumulate Valuable Feedback From Your Remote Attendees

The intention behind collecting your attendees’ feedback is to understand the efficacy of the event from the perspective of your virtual participants. 

This feedback can be about any subject be it your participants’ event experience or about the topics addressed at the online meeting. 

Let’s move forward on the way to assure the success of your Virtual Town Hall by exploring some of the best virtual meeting ideas!

Tips to Make Your Online Town Hall Meeting More Fun

#6 Add Gamification

Gamification of a virtual meeting is one of the most efficient ways to ensure maximum engagement of your online participants throughout the online event. Virtual meeting platforms render innumerable fun gamification tools like virtual tic-tac-toe, spin the wheel, scavenger hunts, crossword, etc.

#7 Use a Moderator

For a meeting like Town Hall, where a wide group of participants is present with the expectation to communicate, it is vital to use a mediator. A Virtual Town Hall Meeting is organized to share valuable company information with all the attendees or employees, and a moderator can assure a smooth flow of this important conversation by having advanced control over the tools to ensure that the virtual event goes well.

#8 Bring a Meeting Host On Board

Just like a moderator is required to execute the town hall smoothly, the meeting host is the face of the online meeting. The meeting host is bound to keep the online event on track and time. The job of a virtual meeting leader is to kick-start the town hall, explain the agenda, introduce the speakers, manage the cooperation, and conclude the meeting. 

#9 Examine the Event Tech

Checking your event tech support by testing it before taking your event live on the final-meeting day is another essential tip to ensure your event’s success. Hence, make sure you check all the tools of your Virtual Meeting Platform to circumvent any possible errors or glitches throughout the meeting.

Walking onward, let’s explore some more ideas to make your Virtual Town Hall more fun and interactive.

Best Practices to Make the Most Out of Your Virtual Town Hall

#10 Include Ice-Breaking Activities

Fun ice-breaking activities can not only grasp your participants’ attention but also encourage them to interact with each other. When you organize a Virtual Town Hall Meeting, it is essential to ensure that your participants are not only present at the meeting but feel actively interested too. To initiate an ice-breaking interaction between your remote attendees, you can commence the session by asking engaging work-related questions, introducing new employees to everyone, etc.

#11 Celebrate the Company Achievements

Celebrating the achievements of your company can heighten the spirit of all the employees. People like to be identified for their work. Providentially, an online town hall meeting is an excellent opportunity to recognize the hard work of your team and praise them for the same. It will not only help you in keeping your attendees enticed but will also encourage them for better performance.

#12 Make it Easy to Join the Meeting

Challenging navigation is one amongst the common reasons why registrants fail to enter the online meeting on the big day. The reason can at points be technical obstacles like device assistance or at times or the unavailability of proper links. Hence, ensure that your Town Hall Meeting is easy to join. 

#13 Present Your Department Heads with an Opportunity to Speak

Like the rest of the online attendees, the departmental heads or team leaders also desire to be appreciated for their hard work. While it is a great plan to let the executives begin the online meeting, your online participants might lose attention if only one person keeps communicating throughout the Town Hall. Hence, give your department leaders a chance to articulate at the event too.

#14 Don’t Bore Your Attendees!

You need to ensure that your virtual attendees feel attracted while attending the meeting rather than having a tedious event experience. To ensure that your attendees feel captivated throughout the virtual event, keep your meeting sessions short and add mini-breaks to reduce online meeting fatigue.

Bring these mentioned tips, ideas, and best practices together to create an exceptional Virtual Town Hall! 

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