Top Monsoon Treks in Northeast


Monsoon is one of the best seasons to visit when you experience actual natural colors while traveling. Green scenery mixed with the aroma of modest act as a cure for your soul makes your appetite rise more. Although there are many places where trekking in the rainy season will be difficult, the natural beauty of the place will be commensurate with that sweat. Rainstorms exhaled rich vegetation on these hills, giving amazing views to travelers. With dense vegetation and lush green grasslands, hills are in the brightest and most intelligent during the rainy season. Bukit is rarely beautiful. Like in the rainy season. You will be fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of the Beautiful Himalayan Monsoon. However, you should know where to go.

Trek Harishchandragad, Maharashtra

Have you ever thought about visiting a beautiful West Ghats? But you don’t have to dare to believe that trekking in West Ghats is a piece of cake. Because stretching called ‘Hood Cobra’ from the Harishchandraghat trip is tough. But as they said, you get the best taste when hard beans are cracked so this is the place. You will be fascinated by the beauty of beautiful valleys and Konkan Bay here. You can see the Stone Age Cave (Kedareshwar Cave) with three damaged pillars. Where the legend says that the earth will end when the fourth pillar is damaged. So why choose this trip in the rainy season? This is because this place offers natural beauty in the rainy season. Exploring caves in the rain will make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Flower Valley, Uttarakhand

Now this place is at the top of my monsoon trex list because of its beauty, which has been registered between the UNESCO world heritage site. The rainy season has captivated this valley by decorating it with a colorful flower sheet so that it makes a stunning view. Beautiful weather is a bonus for colorful views. You can always see colorful butterflies, birds, and animals such as musk deer.

Sinhagad Trek, Pune

Want to travel closer to Pune? Sinhagad is a fortress that offers a beautiful travel experience along with the perfect picnic place. The beautiful scenery of the sunrise and setting from this fort is worth the look. It makes you fascinated by a variety of beautiful mountains and hills. The rainy season will make this place more attractive and will have a fertile green view. The royal fort with a frightening thunder also offers a haunted fortress experience.

Kashmir Great Lakes, Jammu & Kashmir

We usually consider Kashmir as a very cold place, but there are even more beautiful secrets that are hidden in it. At Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, we can see seven Lake Alpine, no less. The best part is that every lake is unique, and claims its beauty. The rainy season will make this trip more memorable. When you will have fertile green grasslands decorated with colorful flowers around you. His freshness is extraordinary.

Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh

This place is very close to Manali and has become a popular place to travel too. Because during the trip you travel close to some of the biggest mountains in Manali. You will find most of the grand peaks such as friendship peak, Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, and Seven Sisters will meet at their beach. The monsoon season can make this trip a little difficult. But you will enjoy the view. Also, this will be a short trip and will not be too difficult.


This is an ideal trip for novice and skilled trekkers. Because the hampta pass track is famous for its attractive beauty from rough mountains during the rainy season. This trip will make you experience green and barren scenery. Kullu will be full of pine forests and apple trees, and springs. But once you cross it, the ground will dry out and turn gray and brown with a barren lane and steep stone walls. You will also see the beautiful Chandratal Lake.

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