Top Genuine Wireless Earbuds for 2022

The most popular type of earbuds to choose are still wireless earbuds, but which pair is the best? To assist you in selecting the best true wireless earbuds for your needs, we have reviewed and ranked them here.

Along with Apple AirPods, superb wireless earbuds are also available from Samsung, Sony, and Bose, as well as lesser-known manufacturers like Cambridge Audio.

Here, we’re concentrating on earbuds that are referred to as “truly wireless,” as opposed to those that are connected to one another via a cable that hangs around your neck, such as the Google Pixel Buds or Huawei FreeLace Pro, often known as neckbuds. True Wireless Stereo, or TWS as they are sometimes called, is what they are.

We have a chart specifically for generic headphones that includes both on  and over-ear models if that’s what you’re searching for.

Sony WF-1000XM4 

There is virtually nothing wrong with the WF-1000XM4 if you can buy them and don’t have tiny ears. Once again, Sony has produced a superb set of wireless earbuds.

They feature the finest active noise canceling of any set of earbuds we’ve tested, in addition to having a strong battery life and easy charging. In addition to being excellent at eliminating unwanted sound, it also includes unmatched AI technology that can adjust the mode and level according to your location or what you’re doing.

Speak-to-Chat, DSEE Extreme upscaling, LDAC support for Hi-Res Audio Wireless, and 360 Reality Audio spatial audio are just a few of the technological features that are included. And almost everything may be altered or turned off as needed.

Massachusetts Melomania Touch

The Cambridge Melomania Touch are one of the greatest sets of wireless earbuds you can buy, provided noise cancellation isn’t a necessity.

They are not only reasonably priced, but also comfy and offer the best battery life available—50 hours if you put them in low power mode. They can still get an astounding 44 even when performing at their peak.

Putting longevity aside, the sound quality is fantastic, and the app’s visual EQ gives you a lot of control over the sound in addition to allowing you to perform a number of other important tasks. If you want a good deal, you can still purchase the Melomania 1.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Although it took some time, Samsung has finally upgraded the Galaxy Buds to Pro status. They might not have the longest battery life available, but this is a very well-rounded and premium product that checks all the right boxes at a lower cost than some of their main competitors.

The Buds Pro have excellent Intelligent ANC, sound quality, wireless charging, and IPX7 protection. They are also comfortable. The only real drawbacks are that some functions are only available on Samsung phones and that some touch controls can be tricky, but that’s true of most.

Apple AirPods Pro 

The Pro version of AirPods elevates them from decent to great. Apple first achieved this by enhancing the design, which also improved fit and comfort.

They are also incredibly hassle-free due to simple pairing, automated pause, and automatic off. They also have good active noise cancellation, which is still a feature that is relatively uncommon on wireless earbuds, and they retain a strong connection.

Although we appreciate these upgrades and additions, they are pricey and truly ought to provide better sound quality for the money. If you need something less expensive, take a look at the standard AirPods.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 

With a few minor annoyances that are largely avoidable or forgotten about, Huawei’s replacement for its original Pro level earphones are amazingly good.

The dual-driver configuration, which unusually includes planar speakers, produces amazing sound at a significantly lesser cost than comparable competitors. Even though you require the app to choose particular ANC modes other than on and ambient, they also fit incredibly well and have superb active noise cancellation and call quality.

A variety of helpful smart functions are available, including wear detection, fit testing, custom EQ, and more. Wireless charging will be available in the majority of markets, however it’s unfortunate that battery life isn’t greater and that the new Silver Blue color attracts fingerprints.


Nura earbuds stand out in the earphone market for their distinctive customised audio technology, even though they may not offer the finest noise canceling or fast charging. It’s now contained in tiny earphones, yet it’s still just as remarkable as earlier products.

You must hear it to believe it, yet the NuraTrue offers benefits beyond just hypnotic music. They are perfect for running and working out because they include practical touch controls and a small, snug fit.

They are also less expensive than some of the well-known brands, and if a neckbud design is appropriate, you can still purchase the NuraLoop for a little less.

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