Top 4 Considerations For Colocating Data Center In India

Businesses and individuals are planning to set up internal data centers or rent external data centers have one more choice. It is known as colocating a data center in India. With colocation services in India, you will get server rooms to keep your equipment. Moreover, all the data centers in India are the same thus all will provide you same kind of facility. While you are planning for colocation services in India you should consider the following factors:

Uptime agreements

Go to the service provider that guarantees you 99.95% uptime. However when you search in the market then you can easily find plenty of service providers. They will give you 99.95% uptime which is a necessity in today’s world. 

A good network connection is an essential service for every business. A colocation service provides uses multiple ISPs and numerous WAN connections for creating a reliable network that functions even at high traffic. 

Whenever you change the software then it leads to downtime. Admins should regularly change server configurations, install security patches and update software. If all these tasks are performed incorrectly then the system might crash. Colocation services in India also give you access to It experts who can maintain network software security. 

Power backup

The data center in India should have a facility for power backup. Since blackouts can shut down the servers which leads to downtime and data corruption. IT team should be using UPSs in case of emergency to avoid server downtime. Moreover, it will also help in the functioning of the sever, and avoid unnecessary downtime. 

Colocation servers in India should employ more on-site generators to keep the process running during power cuts. The presence of multiple generators during long power cut save the server downtime. However, the purchase and maintenance of generators are sometimes not affordable for the data center in India. Thus they should have something for power backup.

Data security

Datacenter should use software and hardware tools for protecting the system and network issues and malware. However, the best option is often expensive for the organizations thus they cannot buy it. Colocation services in India use economics to make an affordable server. 

Computers and systems are more prone to physical intrusions than network issues. Many companies have spent a lot of money on physical security. Colocation centers in India should use cameras and security professionals to avoid security breaches in the data center. A collocation center is similar to a bank that provides better security to the companies that can afford it. 

Natural disasters

Fire can cause a lot of physical damage to the server and IT equipment. Thus servers and systems should be designed to be safe from fire and other natural disasters. Hard drives are very soft in nature a small fire can cause lots of damage to thus them. Buildings should be designed in such a way that all the data can be protected even in a large fire. 

Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes are also big issues for the data centers in India. Insurance covers of the equipment will not return the data lost by the company. Colocation services in India should come with the basic safety and equipment to protect the data center in such disasters.


If you are planning to shift towards a data center in India then search a bit and select a genuine service provider. Moreover, you can even consider the points mentioned before choosing colocation services in India. If you follow all the above-mentioned tips then you will never have to deal with server downtime.

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