Tip to Avoid the need of iPod Battery Replacement

Today, the battery life aspect of digital gadgets is a very crucial aspect. This factor needs to consider if you really want to use your device in long term. While using the new Apple iPod, you’re so addicted to music that the device battery is rapidly depleting. Many users think that iPod battery replacement is the only solution for this issue. But using take care of methods to keep your battery going for a prolonged amount of time. iPod battery replacement is the last option if your iPod’s battery life has completely depleted and it no longer holds a charge.

In this article, we offer you a comprehensive guide to extending the iPod battery. For the time being, many of these suggestions are easy to implement.

Top 12 Tips for Extending the Life of your iPod’s Battery


  1. Large Audio Files should be Avoided

Except for the shuffle and nano, all iPods have a hard drive. The iPod spins up the drive, loads data onto a 32MB SDRAM chip (the 60GB fifth-generation iPod is the only one with a 64MB chip), and then spins down the disc to save battery life.

Larger files, such as those encoded in the AIFF, WAV, or Apple Lossless formats, require the hard disc to spin up more frequently, depleting the battery faster.

  1. Disable the Background App

On an iPod, navigate to Settings> General > Background App Refresh to switch off the background app. This feature disables your iPod’s ability to function intelligently.

If you open Facebook throughout the day, for example, your iPod detects this and updates the software in the background, ensuring that you constantly see new content. We understand that you enjoy this feature however, it depletes your battery.

  1. App Auto-Updating for Apps can be Turned off

Another clever method your iPod touch makes things easier for you has arrived. However, the feature of automatic background app updates causes the battery to drain faster. That’s great, but these downloads can drain your battery.

  1. Turn off Updates in Settings> iTunes & App Store

Instead of forcing users to update to the most recent versions of apps, this feature automatically updates them as new versions become available. What you can do is wait until your iPod is fully charged or plugged in to update all apps at once. It is possible to save battery life by updating all apps at the same time.

  1. Bluetooth should be Turned off

You may not realize it, but each time you connect to other devices, your iPod battery drains faster. This is especially true for Bluetooth, a wireless technology that allows you to send audio and other data to other devices––constantly looking for devices depletes battery life quickly.

  1. Wi-Fi should be Turned off at all Times

Wi-Fi drains the power of your iPod in the same manner that it drains the battery of your Smartphone. You can disable Wi-Fi from Control Center, much as Bluetooth. Settings>Wi-Fi >Turn off Wi-Fi unless you’re using it to save electricity.

  1. Diminish the Brightness of the Display

The brighter your iPod’s screen is, the more battery power it consumes. As a result, lowering the screen brightness is recommended, and you’ll rapidly notice that your iPod touch’s battery lasts longer.

Go to Settings> Display & Brightness choices to alter the screen brightness.

  1. Extreme Temperatures

Avoid exposing the iPod to the sun or attempting to operate it on Mt. Everest at all costs; otherwise, your device that has been charging for hours may finally stop working, and you will have to pay for an iPod battery replacement service.

To put it another way, don’t leave your iPod in a hot, parked car because heat depletes batteries far more quickly than you might think. In an extremely cold climate, the same rule applies. However, it would be better if you tried to keep your gadget in a chilly, but not freezing, environment.

  1. Don’t Leave your iPod unattended for too Long

Even if you don’t intend to use your device frequently, leave it on for a few hours. To keep the battery chemistry humming, you should charge it once a month or as needed.

  1. Keeping the Power

There are a few things you can do to get the maximum playtime out of your iPod. Put it on pause If the play button on your iPod scrapes against something when it’s in your pocket or backpack, it’s easy to activate it by accident.

Engage the Hold switch unless you want to use your iPod immediately away so it doesn’t play when you’re not listening.

  1. Turn off Everything that isn’t Necessary

The backlighting, equalizer, and Sound Check capabilities on your iPod all use power. Backlighting is required for viewing photographs or videos, but it is not required when listening to music.

The equalizer (the iPod’s tone settings) and Sound Check (a feature that tries to make all music files play at the same loudness) both contribute to battery depletion, though not to the same extent as backlighting.

  1. Charging Furiously

Even if you follow our advice, your iPod’s battery may react in surprising ways. Readout that isn’t accurate Keep in mind that if your iPod’s battery meter moves from full to practically empty in a short amount of time, it’s only an estimate.

If you abruptly drain your iPod’s battery by, say, watching an episode of Lost, the meter will show you how much remaining battery life it estimates based on your current usage.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you probably have an ailing battery if your iPod is draining faster. It’s possible that the battery may be defective so you need to take iPod and Samsung tablet battery replacement services. In addition, it could also be nearing the end of its useful life. Take your iPod to an Apple Store or use the iPod Service Request webpage if it’s still under warranty.

Thanks for reading!

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