Things to know and do before buying branded shoes

We are in an era where buying things like branded shoes are not a big issue. Need to buy the proper and the rightest product matter a lot. Because so many issues are related to them as the market has a different kind of similar products as well. So, taking a decision for the right buyer is very hard in the bulk of variety.

The main thing is the selection of the current and right brand and its original copy. Because many people select the product but in actual, they don’t know about it. Either it is branded or not and original or not. Because the copy of the shoe is really very close to the original brands.

That’s why here we are going to discuss the original things and their connection with the brands. But for that must need to check and care for the things. As it is important to know about the checking things, otherwise it can create a big issue in the buying.

Many people are willing to buy the original branded shoes but in reality, they buy fake products from the market. The reason behind it is a lack of knowledge and understanding about the product and its verification way. Here we will discuss it and also discuss the different techniques involved in it.

As many of the fake sellers are in the market which is promoting. the fake product sale at the place of the original one. This business is boosting because people are unaware of the real things testing techniques. Further, the brands are also not promoting good ideas for the publicity of original things.

1. Select the desired product

The first concept of the original buyer is to take a step in the selection of the product. Because here needs focus to select the ideal product from the bulk of the product. As no one checks all stock of the shoe to test the originality. That’s why need to select one or two products at initial buying to keep it in focus.

2. Must check trustable outlets

It is recommended to use the trustable outlets and company nominated shops only. Furthermore, any online authentic place is also trustable but it should be directed by the brand only. Because most of the big brands never allow personal brands in the different stores and shops. So first need to check and test the trustable things.

3. Compare the prices

The best thing in buying is that don’t buy anything without cross-checking the prices. As brand prices mostly remain the same in all locations. The change in price is only possible with the fake product only, this is the best thing to check. Price comparing is another technique for brand checking.

4. Check the originality signs

Must test the originality signs guide by the brand in different customer guideline portals to avoid fake products. Many of the fake suppliers are in the business to boost the fake and duplicate copies of the shoes. Those shoes are similar to the original one but have quality and signs issues.

5. Check the quality

Fake and copied product always has a quality issue that can be easily detected by normal eyes. This work doesn’t need any expertise as the normal user can also check it with the hands and the eye. So, don’t forget to check that before buying any brand from another location.

6. Must be alerted with the copy

When willing to buy the branded shoe keep in mind copy are normal in the market. So, you can check the products with an alert in the mind of fake and duplicate copies. Because suppliers and the shop keepers never accept, they are selling the copy or fake products. don’t waste your time on them, just trust your personal judgment and take your decision.

7. Must check the website for original price and outlet

Don’t buy so quickly from the online websites must check and verify prices from any outlet about the product number.

8. Check the warranty and guarantee

Don’t forget to check the warranty and guarantee clauses about the product. As original and branded shoes always offer the best combination of warranty and guarantee. As they know about their quality and product life.

9. Don’t pay any extra money

Furthermore, don’t pay any extra money on branded shoes. Because big brands never select the cheaper ways to get more money from their loyal customers.

10. Get a proper purchase receipt

Must ask for the purchase receipt from the seller this will allow you to check the brand association or not.

11. Check code and product number from the company website

Must check product code and mark code from the shoe and the box. This checking is easy from the brand website, which can also verify product originality.

12. Check trustable sites for online buying

Only buy shoe branded products from the trustable sites which support after sales as well.

13. Must check the return and claim policy

The return and claim policy is the key to testing the fake or original product. Must check brand voucher and cards for it.

14. Proper check the comfort of the product

Don’t buy without a wear test of the product because fake products don’t have comfort in the product.

15. Must focus on the size

Must buy proper size for the shoe even in the brand products. Mostly fake suppliers create issues in replacement and returns.

16. Don’t accept defective product

Never accept defective products as brands never break their rule to sell defective things in shops and outlets.

17. Must match product code and number on the receipt

Don’t forget to match the product code on the product and purchase receipt. As many products get duplicated in that domain so be alert.

18. Avoid another similar shoe with no brand

Don’t buy the same or identical shoes without any brand logo and decoration. This could be a fake or duplicate copy.

19. Must check the stains and bad things on the product

Must check stains and other abnormal things on the shoes. A brand never offers any unpleasant things in products.

20. Be careful when doing orders online

Many websites and online portals are involved in the online business. Most of the time they are also unaware of either they are selling the original product or fake. Because many suppliers are also involved in fake copy selling. As many branded fashion shoes online are promoting fake products which even, they don’t know.

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