The 12 best PrestaShop layouts + how to track down the right one for you (2021)

So you hit the net, check the choices, and unexpectedly understand that there are a huge number of them. 

Which brings up the issue: which one would it be a good idea for you to get? 

Clearly, the format you pick will not just decide how great your e‑commerce looks; it will likewise influence its design, client experience, and SEO, among numerous others. 

That is the reason this post is something other than a rundown of the best Templatetrip formats (which is abstract). We’re additionally going to build up some fundamental models to help you settle on your decision. 

So snatch a pen and a piece of paper since we’re going to begin. 

Criteria for picking the best PrestaShop layout + a few hints 

PrestaShop is perhaps the most mainstream e‑commerce CMS out there. 

One of its principle benefits is the instinctive and easy to understand interface. All things considered, while it has a lot of default choices, we suggest buying a premium (paid) layout. 


All things considered, having a more extensive scope of customization choices to browse will help you stand apart from your rivals and your store will look more expert generally. 

Yet, the troublesome decision is which one to purchase. 

To take care of you, we’ll illuminate a couple of elements you should consider (past further developed appearance): 

  • Burden speed: Nobody likes to pause, so if your site takes too long to even consider stacking, you’ll lose possible customers. Furthermore, Google considers this for situating. You can quantify it utilizing instruments like GTMetrix or Pingdom. 
  • Responsive plan: A huge level of buys are made on cell phones. Check in case your format’s plan is appropriate for cellphones and different gadgets, like tablets. 
  • Refreshed format: Make sure that the engineer refreshes it routinely. PrestaShop changes, so layouts should change too in case they’re to keep away from blunders.
  • PrestaShop version: topics don’t work in and the other way around. Consider the variant you’re utilizing to be certain your layout is viable. 
  • Audits: Check the rating and remarks to be certain you’re getting a demonstrated and dependable plan. 
  • Streamlined for SEO: Pay close thoughtfulness regarding if the layout favors web situating. Not all formats have SEO-upgraded source code, which could prompt loads of cerebral pains down the line. 

On the off chance that the format meets this load of measures, it very well may be a solid possibility for your site. 

In any case, it doesn’t end there. 

The litmus test to pick the best format (for you) 

Testing the demo will show you if the format is the right one for your business. 

At the point when you’re trying the format, you should check the site’s design just as the outward presentation. 

Remember that the layout will consistently have its limits, regardless of how adaptable it is, so you should give the demo an intensive walkthrough to ensure there are no last details. 

Also, for this, you ought to: 

Make a counterfeit buy to see the truck, checkout, and installment pages. 

Ponder your expected web structure. Then, at that point investigate various areas and ensure the picked format will take into account a smooth route (since that upgrades the client experience). 

It’s essential that your site be natural to make it simple for clients to track down every one of the items since that leads right to the buying cycle. 

Need a hand with that? 

Attempt our high level and faceted pursuit module, Doofinder, free for 30 days (a great deal of our customers have seen their business raise up to 20% in the wake of utilizing it). 

The 12 best PrestaShop Themes 

In the event that you’ve perceived the essential prerequisites however need counsel on explicit formats, you can begin with this rundown, which we’ve made only for you. 

We’ve chosen the most-sold and best-evaluated subjects from probably the best PrestaShop layout engineers. Also, obviously, they all meet the necessities referenced previously. 

Are you game? 

Here we go. 

1. Stockroom 

Stockroom is quite possibly the most generally unmistakable and suggested layouts on the net. It adjusts effectively to each sort e‑commerce, paying little heed to the area. 

It has 18 demos (various adaptations of what the format would resemble). This will assist you with envisioning your site’s appearance regardless you have as a main priority. 

It initiates a zoom impact when you float the mouse over the photos (so customers can see the items exhaustively) and it’s viable with pretty much every PrestaShop module. 

What clients most worth is its slick and rich appearance just as the fact that it is so natural to make changes to the plan. 

2. Alysum 

You can browse 9 distinct variants of the landing page without compromising the general tasteful. 

Perhaps the best component is the alternative to change the shade of basically any of the components on the format to make it fit your style. 

It additionally includes a few additional items, for example, email formats, a “not far off” page, a commencement (to benefit as much as possible from shortage) and an item examination module. 

Clients likewise bring up the speed and effectiveness of the help group behind this layout. 

3. Megashop 

Ideal for each sort of e‑commerce, Megashop has an exceptionally adjustable plan. 

While keeping a similar perfect and moderate look of the past topics, Megashop adds a beautiful touch you can alter. 

This format permits you to add a blog to your e‑commerce, which, as you probably are aware, is significant with regards to situating on Google (and to draw in more qualified rush hour gridlock). On the off chance that you actually haven’t executed a substance procedure, here’s a top to bottom aide with all you need to know on the theme. 

Audits feature that it is so natural to introduce, how quick it burdens, and how instinctive it is.. 

4. Optima 

How about we keep it going with these one-size-fits-all formats. 

Optima highlights more than 96 landing page plans so you’ll have the option to discover one that suits your image. 

This subject incorporates a wide assortment of premium modules just as the chance of changing your site’s header. 

It’s an exceptionally flexible and simple to-utilize format with a merry and bright plan. 

5. Movic Fashion Store 

As the name proposes, this subject is extraordinarily intended for style stores, however it tends to be acclimated to any sort of e‑commerce absent a lot of strain. 

You can browse 3 landing page formats and utilize their multiproduct web architecture. 

6. Electron 

Electron is the ideal subject for gadgets or tech-related online shops. 

You can alter the two tones and text styles and, actually like with most past formats, this one likewise incorporates a zoom instrument. 

It has more than 38 modules, however a unique notice goes to the item examination and list of things to get alternatives. 

The clincher for this layout is that it consequently packs the HTML code, which assists speed with increasing your site. 

7. Auros Minimal 

On the off chance that you sell enrichments or family items, this format could be the one for you. 

You can browse 13 distinct landing page varieties and more than 50 Templatetrip modules. 

On the off chance that you own an improvements e‑commerce, we suggest investigating the plans accessible with this layout. 

8. The Style 

With in excess of 45 diverse plan alternatives, this format stands apart for its flexibility to adjust to a wide range of e‑commerce shops. 

It highlights explicit coming soon and support pages. 

It likewise offers various choices, including a visit module, setting up a blog, item zoom, and some more. 

Clients recognize the meticulousness and the wide scope of adjustable components. 

9. Eveprest 

Here’s another multi-use format with more than 60 versatile plans for each sort of e‑commerce. 

Its extraordinary usefulness and wide assortment of selective modules are worth focusing on. Likewise, it permits you to change the topic tone in the demo. 

10. Molotok 

Surveys pressure its impeccable plan and the wide scope of modules it highlights, including one that permits you to fuse a talk box. 

It likewise permits you to erase or change the slider to change it to your shop. 

Purchasers express that it’s simple both to introduce and to utilize. 

11. Beauty care products 

This topic is exceptionally simple to utilize and incorporates a ton of alternatives to customize it and make it your own. 

You can pick the quantity of sections, the page model, the tones, and the text styles. 

Likewise, it includes an affirmation spring up for the “add to truck” catch and supports remarks from clients. 

12. Harvest time 

One more adaptable format that suits practically any business. This one specifically has a matrix plan that works particularly extraordinary on telephones. 

It likewise gives you a see of the item, which assists speed with increasing the buy interaction. 

Additionally, it includes the MegaMenu module, among the most noteworthy evaluated on PrestaShop. This ought to work with your site’s route, making it similarly as smooth on the telephone for what it’s worth on a PC.

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