Roopkund Trek: Complete guide


Set in the state of Uttarakhand, the Roopkund Trek is the perfect place for some days of heart-pounding adventure in the hills. The Roopkund Lake, or the “Mystery Lake” known for hundreds of human and horse skeletons in it, remains the major attraction for trekkers. Starting from Lohajung, the Roopkund Trek takes you to a height of 16,499 feet above sea level. Although the trek is challenging, it gives a feeling of contentment to every trekker who has the heart to complete it.

Roopkund Lake

It is a 2-meter-deep lake situated amidst the mountains and icy glaciers of the Garhwal district. It remains frozen for a significant time of the year but when the ice melts, the lake reveals numerous skeletons of humans and horses in and around it. The skeletons are believed to be of the Paleolithic age, though their exact origin is an unsolved mystery. It lies in the middle of rocky glaciers and snow-clad mountains which makes the view picture-perfect.

Major Attractions

While trekking in the rugged topography of the Roopkund Trek route, you are bound to be pleased by the panoramic views that it offers. The travel gives you an insight into the rich Pahari culture of the inhabitants. The Roopkund Trek also holds a holy meaning because the waters of Bedni Bugyal are considered to be sacred. Camping at the site is also an activity loved by the trekkers. The Trishul Mountain Peak, when hit by the evening sunlight is a sight to behold. The breathtaking views of the peaks like Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, and Rudragaira are indeed a treat for the eyes.

Camping under the night sky with the astounding view of the clusters of stars is a memory that can never slip from your mind.

Details of the Roopkund Trek

The best time for the Roopkund Trek is between May to October. It takes around 8 days to complete this 60-kilometer-long trek (5 days trekking and 3 days traveling). The trek starts from Lohajung and the hike becomes steep as you approach the sacred and clear waters of the Bedni Bugyal. It is classified as a moderate to difficult level of the trek. The weather is unpredictable with hailstorms and rains making sudden appearances at these places of high altitude.

The first stop from Lohajung is the village of Didna. In between Lohajung and Didna, lies Kulling from where the River Neel Ganga passes. The ascent is steep from Kulling to Raun Bagad and is covered with the thick forests of oak, pine, and rhododendrons. You might be lucky enough to spot birds like fork-tailed Himalayan Magpie, yellow-throated marten, and Lammergeiers hopping from one branch to another in the canopies.  The hike to Raun Bagad terminates at an iron bridge which marks the start of the climb to Didina. The walk from Didina to Bedni Bugyal is quite steep at the start but flattens towards the end. Snow is to be seen while trekking to the Bhagwabasa through Ghora Lotani which is covered in olives and browns.

The Roopkund trek is an opportunity to visit some of the most isolated villages of Uttarakhand. The trek is considered challenging provided the steep ascents, glaciers, rocks, streams, and dense forests lie along its route.

Tips to Ace your Trek

  • Do not forget to pack all the necessary items for your trek- raincoats, trekking shoes, adequate water, light energy-giving snacks, a walking stick, a tent, etc.
  • Do not plan your trek in the monsoon season because the route becomes slippery. The mountains are also prone to frequent cloud bursts and landslides during rains.
  • June is considered to be the best time to visit the Roopkund Trek.  
  • Hotels, resorts, and guest houses are rare sightings in the remote location of Roopkund. You must make prior arrangements for your stay.
  • This trek is advisable for people who have some previous trekking experience.


Roopkund is the perfect place to witness the breathtaking beauty of the majestic Himalayas- one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. No matter how many challenges it places in front of you, it is a memory that you will surely cherish throughout your life. The skeleton lake, the clear waters of streams, the lush green meadows, the dense alpine forests- every part of the Roopkund Trek is beautiful in its way. If you are looking for some days of challenge and adventure in the hills, the Roopkund Trek should surely be on the top of your wish list!!











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