Poland. 10 facts about the city of Izbica

Information about the city of Izbica and the commune of Izbica. The most important facts you should know. 

Izbica town

1) Izbica has been a town since January 1, 2022. It is located in the Lubelskie Voivodship, it is the seat of the Izbica commune and 2,000 people live here.

2) Izbica was a town once, in the years 1750-1869. Then it was a village again.

3) The name Izbica comes from the Proto-Slavic word “jstba” (chamber), meaning an earth embankment or pillars with the ground, which used to strengthen wooden strongholds.

4) It is known that in the second half of the 18th century there were 29 wooden residential houses in Izbica, inhabited by 150 people. In 1810 there were 47 houses and 173 inhabitants.

5) On the square in Izbica there is a monument commemorating the fallen and murdered in the years: 1863, 1920, 1939 and 1946. On its top there is a crowned eagle with the inscription: God, Honor, Fatherland. There is also a monument commemorating Jan Karski (Jan Kozielewski) next to it.

6) At Fabryczna Street there is a former Jewish cemetery with an area of 0.9 ha. During World War II, mass executions were carried out here, the Nazis killed about 4.5 thousand people here. people of Jewish nationality.

Izbica – interesting facts

7) Izbica is home to the Communal Sports Club Ruch Izbica, whose players play matches at the facility located at Sportowa Street. The stadium is named after Adam Suszek (1943-1984), once the club’s goalkeeper.

8) The Wieprz River flows through the Izbica commune. In 1995, the Skierbieszowski Landscape Park was established here. It is part of the Lublin Landscape Parks Complex.

9) The partner of the municipality of Izbica is the German municipality of Winterlingen, located in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. This fact is reminded of by a plaque on a boulder in the square in the center of Izbica. There is also a signpost next to it informing that the distance between the two communes is 1,368 kilometers.

Ghosts in Izbica? 

10) On the outskirts of the city, by a busy road, there is a house where ghosts are said to live. The house was built after World War II in the area where the Germans shot several dozen Jewish children. It is said that at night you can hear the cries of these children here. For some time, pictures of saints were displayed in the windows to ward off evil spirits. It was said that blood was dripping from the walls of the house and strange noises were heard. These are all probably rumors that increase people’s curiosity. Despite the small amount, no one wants this house. It is now a local attraction.

Interesting facts about other cities in Poland

11) An important point in the walking tour around Jastrzebia Gora is the Star of the North. It is a characteristic obelisk, reminding that this place is the northernmost point in Poland. It is not surprising that everyone who visits Jastrzębia Góra comes here and takes pictures. Trivia –ciekawostki

12) The Roman Catholic, Gothic Church of St. Luke was built in Drzewica at the beginning of the 14th century. It had a religious and defensive character. The tall, round tower has been preserved to this day. In the years 1551-1610 it was a Calvinist temple. Inside, there are 16th-century polychromes and a wooden crucifix from the 16th century. There are also tombstones of Jakub and Adam Drzewiecki from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. In front of the temple stands a statue of St. Jan Nepomucen from 1788. Address: Warszawska 2 streeet.

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