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Planning To Purchase Leather Furniture? Know These Experts Suggestions

Before you decide to purchase an item of leather furniture, you must ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. There are varying factors that should be considered when purchasing leather furniture and to help you know about those factors, we’ve created this comprehensive guide. 

Since leather furniture is a substantial investment to make, by asking the right questions, you’ll be able to purchase the leather furniture that suits you the most. 

Expert Suggestions For Purchasing Leather Furniture

  1. Know The Kind Of Leather Your Furniture Has

You must know that not all leather is created in the same manner, which is why it’s essential to learn about the type of leather your furniture has. According to a professional company offering dirty bus seat cleaning services, top-grain & full-grain leather are obtained from the outermost layer of animal hides. As a result, these two types are the most durable ones out there. Full-grain leather will be resistant to moisture and can age well. On the other hand, top grain leather is soft, blemish-free and looks very luxurious. 

Apart from full-grain and top grain leather, there’s also bonded and split leather to choose from as well.

  1. Know The Process In Which The Leather Is Dyed

Once you know the kind of leather your furniture has, it’s time to know the dye that was used for the leather finish. The dyeing process will affect the overall look, wear and feel of the leather furniture over time. Moreover, the dyeing process will also determine the leather’s overall ability to repel stains & spills efficiently. 

As of the current day & age, there are three most common types of leather dyes used:

  • Pure Aniline – This is a transparent dye that helps the animal hide and get a rich & deeper colour shade. There’s no protective coating and all the natural markings of the hide remain as they are. As a result, the leather remains soft, comfortable and supple. 
  • Semi-Aniline – Otherwise known as protective aniline, this dyeing process applies a thin layer of coating on the surface of the leather while also retaining the natural look of the animal hide. When compared to pure aniline, you will get better protection while the leather will also become versatile for multiple use case scenarios.
  • Pigmented – An opaque, pigmented coating is directly applied on the leather surface so that the leather can breathe easily. However, it’s not as soft & supple as the other two mentioned above. But, this process makes the leather easy to clean and the leather surface fades very slowly.
  1. Know The Construction Method Of The Frame

The method in which the cushions and the frame of the leather furniture have been constructed will highly determine the overall structural integrity of the furniture and how long it can last. It should be known that even though leather is flexible, bending the frames of the furniture will put a strain on the leather surface. Always choose leather furniture that has well-formed joints and is collapse-resistant. 

If you have any additional queries regarding leather furniture be sure to let us know any time. 

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