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India is the land of diversities. Home to all kinds of physical terrains- from deserts to mountains, from plateaus to plains, it provides the trekkers with the perfect locations to push their boundaries and take up challenges. One of the most venturesome trekking experiences in Peninsular India is the Meesapulimala. It is an unforgettable walk through the tea plantations, dense forests of Rhododendrons, and emerald bushes. The trek to Meesapulimala is a delightful undertaking to witness blooming flowers and chirping birds amidst the rolling hills of Kerala. The hilly terrains, diverse wildlife, and plantations of South India can all be witnessed with the Meesapulimala Trek. you can also visit pangarchulla trek.

About Meesapulimala 

Meesapulimala, formed of 8 hills, is located in the Idukki district of Kerala. It is the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats, following Anamudi. It is located at an altitude of about 2640 meters. The best time to visit Meesapulimala is between September and May when the weather remains pleasant. The monsoon season must be avoided because rains make the track slippery.  This is a one-day trek that can be completed easily without any obstructions. The place of Meesalipulimala is a UNESCO- certified World Heritage Site. 

About the Trek of Meesapulimala 

The place derives its name from the 8-hills shaped like the mustache of a tiger- ‘meesa’ meaning mustache, ‘puli’ meaning tiger, and ‘mala’ meaning hill. This trek is an 8-km long trek set in the southern part of the Western Ghats. With the route full of streams, waterfalls, and marshland, it is truly a treat for anyone who loves adventure. It is classified as an easy to moderate trek and takes around 4-5 hours to complete depending upon the fitness level of the trekker. It offers postcard-perfect sceneries all the way. The trek starts and ends at the campsite- the Silent Vallet of Munnar. The campsite offers a panoramic view of the entire Munnar Valley. You might be lucky enough to spot a group of elephants along your route. 

Detailed Information on the Route 

The only way to scale this mighty hill is with the Meesapulimala Trekking Packages of The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. It offers two places to stay at the base camp:

  • Warm and comfortable tents  
  • Rhodomansion 

The majority of the arrangements for comfortable accommodation are done by The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC). 

The journey starts from the town of Munnar where a jeep takes you to the base of the hill. It is smooth for the first ten minutes after which the topography becomes rugged and uneven. 

 Sights to Behold

Meesapulimala is one of the most popular places to trek in South India. Once you reach the summit of Meesapulimala after walking all ascents and descents, you are bound to be awe-struck. One can view the changing composure of the clouds closely at the peak- it seems as if you are standing in the clouds. Meesapulimala summit is one of the best places to view the sunrise and sunset. The Kolukkamalai Te Estate, the highest tea estate in the world is a splendid view that can be witnessed from the top of Meesapulimala hill. The view of the Anayirangal Dam and the downhill valleys from this spot would never fade away from your memories. The ‘Rhodo Valley’ is an unmissable place during the Meesapulimala trek. It is home to innumerable Rhododendron roses. This trek is undoubtedly one of the best adrenaline-pumping treks in India for adventure lovers who dare to explore!

Things to Carry for this One-Day Trek

The quintessential things to pack for this trekkers’ paradise trip include;

  • Head torch
  • Wear warm clothing at night because the temperature drops.
  • Sufficient amount of water 
  • Energy giving snacks 
  • Trekking shoes 
  • Raincoat 
  • Sunscreen, and other personal care items 


The Meesapulimala Trek is indeed a great way to feel rejuvenated by spending a day in nature. It will take you over and around hills with a mesmerizing view all the way through. Warm bonfires are a treat under the starry sky of Meesapulimala. If you are planning a trek in South India, the Meesapulimala is without a doubt an astounding addition to your travel diaries!


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