The tour plan to Kashmir includes the following itinerary. Tourists can choose any option as per their choice.

1. Tour to Gulmarg including three nights.

Inside this Kashmir itinerary, it starts from your journey by flight or train. If you are from any state, from there you have to take the respective flight or train to Mumbai. And then from Mumbai to Srinagar. 

Day 1

After reaching Srinagar, you can check in to any hotel or houseboat or some similar type of stay for one night. On that particular day, along with sightseeing, you can do Shikara rides as well. The package includes your dinner as well.

Day 2

You can select any hotel and check in for 2 respective nights. On that particular day, local sightseeing is also possible, that is you can visit the local areas in Srinagar. Breakfast and dinner will also be provided in this package. 

Day 3

You will be staying in the same hotel as the next destination is also nearby. You will have to travel to Gulmarg for sightseeing. Breakfast and dinner will be provided as it is a part of this package.

Day 4

Your journey will be over and hence you can take the flight back from Srinagar to New Delhi. From New Delhi, travel to your respective places. From Srinagar as well you can directly travel to your respective states. On that day, you need to check out from the hotel according to your time of departure. 

Breakfast is a part of this package, and you will be provided with that. You need to be very sure about inclusions as well as exclusions, payment policies as well as cancellation policies, etc. You need to be very clear about certain things, that is., the airfare or the train fare or the journey overland, etc. which are not mentioned in the package itinerary.


Due to any sort of difficulty, if you need any medical assistance or rescue assistance, then you have to take it on your own as that also will not be included in the tour package. Laundry, the camera free (if you are taking a camera with you), table bills, if you are going to any bar then the bills from there, etc. will not be included along with this package. 

Mineral water or any kind of starters, soft drinks, etc. will not be included in this package. The entry fee for the places is also not included. Be sure to think of all these things before you go. This is a package which will cost around 16000 rupees. This is a short period visit of 3-4 days maximum.

2. Srinagar visit.

Day 1

You need to check in on any hotels for 2 nights. You can go to the local places of Srinagar and keep on sightseeing on the day 1st itself. 

Day 2

This will be repeated. 

Day 3 

You can check in at any hotel for another night. You can enjoy the houseboat services and other things. On all these 3 days, you will be exploring Srinagar. 

Day 4

You will be going to Pahalgam. You can check into any hotel as per the package and go sightseeing there. 

Day 5

Today will be dedicated to visiting Gulmarg. Also, you need to check into a hotel and stay there at night. Gulma Gondola will be an adventurous thing that you can do there.

Day 6

You need to check out from the hotel and return to your respective places. This package will be the next affordable one which will cost you around 19,000 Rs. It has a 5 nights stay as well. Camera fees, travel insurance, the GST fee, train fare or airfare, laundry, cellular as well as other personal necessary things, entry fees, etc. will not be covered under this package. So, be sure of reading all exclusions and inclusions thoroughly. Also, be thorough with the terms and conditions that every package provides you with.

3. Kashmir trip.

On day 1

Checking into a hotel at Srinagar for staying around 3 nights. 

Day 2 

You will be visiting Sonmarg for sightseeing and exploring the nearby places. 

Day 3

You can go to Gulmarg and stay in Pahalgam. 

Day 4

It will be at Pahalgam. 

Day 5

You will be at Srinagar where you need to check into any houseboats for a stay. You can shop on the local streets, taste the local foods, etc. 

Day 6

You will be checking out from there and returning to your respective places.

This will also be costing around 15,000 Rs. You need to have 5 nights for this package. This package also excludes the entry fee for places, houseboat services, etc. 

You need to ensure the payment basis and be sure of the food and hotels that they said to provide in this package. You will also be visiting other places like ABC valley, Gondola Ride, visiting Mughal Garden, Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, etc.

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