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Interior Painting: The basics that you need to review

It’s one thing to hire a painting contractor to get your interiors done and another to do it yourself, especially if this is the first time that you are handling a paintbrush. That’s why it makes sense to review this op-ed, to learn more about the painting basics, especially when you are planning to paint your home on your own. While you may want to avoid the expense of hiring a painting contractor, you may also want to keep these points in mind. At the end of the day, you need perfectly finished interiors so make sure you review the lot carefully.

  • Get dressed

When it comes to commercial painters in Auckland, you can rest easy knowing that they would be able to handle your interiors with ease. But handling it on your own is no joke. The first thing that you need to do is to get dressed, start with wearing old rags and carry a bottle of turpentine in your bag. Make sure that you are completely prepped up and have all the requisite supplies from the required paint cans to the rest; once you have confirmed that you have packed it all in the bag, you are ready to get started.

  • Masking tape

Ask any of the commercial painters and they would tell you that the masking tape is one of the essential supplies that is required for any paint job. And that’s why you need adequate rolls of masking tape; just make sure that you microwave these tapes before you begin so that they are easy to handle. Use these tapes to cover any region or area that you would not want the paint to seep into, thereby protecting the area from getting painted on – such as glass windows, window frames, doors, etc. Make sure that you do the same here, and cover up all the areas you do not want to get the wet paint on, with masking tape.

  • Use rags

You need to spread rags and old newspapers on the floor. This is to ensure that the paint does not spill onto the floor; just keep in mind that irrespective of how careful you may be, wet paint will spill onto the floor and you need to ensure that it does not affect the finish on the floor. And that’s the reason why you use old rags and old newspapers, which can be disposed of, the moment the job is done.

  • Clean the old paintbrushes

If you are planning to reuse the old paintbrushes that the painters had used the last time around, then it is likely that these brushes have hardened, with time. So you need to get them cleaned and the one effective way to do it is to go over to the local hardware store and get a paint cleaner. Now pour some cleaner into a beaker and dip the brush into the same. You would need to keep it in the cleaner for a while before it softens enough. Just follow the directions on the box and you should have the paint brushes cleaned up in no time.

  • Use an extended paint roller

It makes sense to use an extended paint roller. You need to wrap up the project soon and purchasing a paint roller that’s long and has a larger width, would enable you to cover a larger area. You can even use the roller on the ceiling and you should be able to get it done real soon. Just keep in mind that you may also want to use one with a larger nap, as the fibers on the roller would provide your walls with texture as well.

These are some of the basic points that you need to review, before getting started with painting the interiors.

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