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Immediate Steps To Take After Someone Dies Due To Covid 19

We are all in a very harsh situation. Daily, thousands of deaths are being recorded due to coronavirus. Someone is losing a near and dear one during this commotion. Even the government finds it difficult to handle so many deaths together. If you are one of them who lost a dear one during this pandemic, you need to be very alert of the steps to be taken after this.

What to do after someone close expires due to Covid 19?

Even though you are handling the death and the procedures after it for someone close to you, remember it is necessary to keep in mind your safety. The situation is more drastic than you can imagine. Even the slightest neglect from your side can lead to disasters on your health and even for others. So, ensure that whenever you follow the below-listed guide, you wear a mask, follow social distancing norms, sanitize yourself regularly, and pay close attention to your health as well.

  • Register the death — It is imperative to register the details of the deceased within the first five days. If the late person died due to Covid 19 you need to provide the death certificate with the reason and test reports specified during the burial process. You have to get the same from the official who manages the death counts of corona patients in your area.
  • Arrange the funeral — We understand the situation is hard for you but you must bury the deceased as soon as possible. Since this disease is dangerous, you have to be very careful while carrying out this step. The government councils are providing the arrangements for the funeral rapidly because of the crisis. You should contact them for all the formalities related to the funeral. If you can, consider calling your local cemetery for the arrangements. We are sure they provide you with everything required for the rapid burial of the dead body.
  • Inform the Government about the death — All the government officials around are recording the deaths occurring due to Covid 19. A close member of the deceased must provide the officials with this information. This will help factor in the number of death cases and prepare to combat the contagiousness.
  • Accept condolences on call and messages — If you have a tradition of gathering individuals on funeral meet-ups, we have a request for you. Due to the current situation, if you are gathering people for condolences, you tend to increase the danger for yourself and them. Since the deceased has already expired due to such an unfortunate situation, you can at least save the lives of others by being cautious. Accept the condolences on calls and messages and send the message that you are not holding any funeral gatherings anywhere.
  • Deal with the deceased’s estate — There is a lot to be done about the deceased’s estate after their death. Especially, when the person who was infected with coronavirus occupied this house, you have to be careful in cleaning and clearing it. Proper sanitization of the property is vital followed by maintenance and cleaning carried out by Tim & Tina. The deceased estates cleared by them look spic and span. They will manage its cleaning and decluttering efficiently and take off this load from your shoulders. After this step, you can decide whether you need to keep the property or rent or sell it.

The situation today has changed drastically. Earlier, when someone close to you expired, there were loads of people to support you. But today, you have to deal with everything alone. It can break your heart doing so. We are always there in such a situation to guide and help you though!

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