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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction


How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Definition and the causes

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) refers to that the penis cannot maintain or attain an erect position that is enough for sexual pleasures. “Impotence” is another name but it has a few snarky significance. In the presence of more pressure or illness, and a bad lifestyle such as smoking or drinking alcohol and mental disorders and male hormonal issues and kidney or liver malfunction, heart problems such as stroke, prostate cancer, or urinary system dysfunction, and many more, ED has been a more serious issue for some males as compared to Premature Ejaculation (PE).

There are a few recognized methods for ED

For ED testing, blood tests and urine system tests are the main methods that will determine the state of your body in the event of. Additionally, penile nerve function tests, as well as nighttime penile tumescence, are utilized by medical professionals.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

What can be done to manage Erectile Dysfunction is largely dependent on the cause, which could be psychological, physiological, or lifestyle.

1.) To stay healthy and quiet, lift-style

For a serious tobacco or alcohol “eater”, Erectile Dysfunction is frequently the cause of them. Therefore, kicking these bad habits might be the best method.

2.) Use psychotherapy

For some psychologically-caused ED, doctors often use psychotherapy to relieve the stress & anxiety within the sexual intercourse. The role of this is played by the sexual partner of the patient. This can include slow kisses and intimacy. It will gradually grow the ability to love.

3) to use drugs or therapy devices

The medications that treat ED can be taken in injection, or orally supplemented. These Cenforce drugs may cause penile erection and prolong the duration by increasing the penile Corpora Cavernosa dilation.


The oral medicines include Viagra (may become the one most well-known), Levitra, and Cialis however, you must be aware that these Cenforce 200 drugs could cause liver damage, or sometimes priapism.

Another effective method of treatment is to inject the penis directly, which can clog the penis in a short time. Although it is beneficial, the adverse effects are very evident and include persistent erections and a scar.

Vacuum therapy is a newly developed technology to treat ED. The device is able to draw a penis bleed with the help of negative pressure, by placing the penis into it. This is why these devices can be called Penis Pump. However, this device should be used prior to a sexual encounters and under the guidance of medical professionals.

4.) For aerobic exercise —-most suggested

Exercise, especially aerobic exercise in certain situations, is the most effective and least expensive treatment option for ED. Through exercise, mental and emotional state of the patient will reach an average level of health that will allow blood to flow into the penis in a way that is effective. It is possible to request that doctors create special projects to help you prior to the time.

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Shocking Statistic on Erectile Dysfunction

It has been determined that around 30,000,000 men across the globe suffer from Erectile dysfunction. Incredibly, only half have it diagnosed. A lot of people are still embarrassed by the events that have occurred and hide the fact. They don’t want to talk about it with their partner or even with medical professionals.

There is a popular belief that says only men over the age of 50 are prone to erection issues. But, it is a problem that affects people of all ages. You might be shocked to know that just 40% of patients diagnosed with erection issues are older than 40.

There are certain medical conditions that could lead to an individual being prone to issues with erections. Making the effort to ensure that your diabetes is right, you can lower your risk significantly. Follow the advice from your physician and be sure to inquire about any concerns you might have.

Smoking cigarettes is a significant aspect that could affect the penis erection. Research has shown that those who smoke just one pack of cigarettes per day have twice the risk of having this happen. If you smoke more than this their chances of suffering issues with erections can double. For men who are older and smoke the risk of developing erectile dysfunction rises each year.

Men are more likely to admit to having issues in relation to erectile dysfunction, either online or in surveys where they are not required to be recognized. In these studies as high as 56% of men who took part participated in the study admitted having at least some degree of difficulty. The exact extent of the problem could not be determined from these studies.

Cenforce 150 medicine is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. There are a variety of remedies available for treating problems with erection the one which men are most familiar with is using medications. 89% of males said they would consider taking the chance to test them to see how effective they were when they suffered from erectile dysfunction. This is despite the well-known side effects such as allergic reactions, the potential health dangers. A majority of people will inform you that their ability to have a sexual experience is the most important aspect of their daily life. Most males are willing to surrender without fighting.

It could be a sign people that many males are suffering from it than ever before. However, the truth is that with all the available information on education it’s not a taboo subject anymore. People are seeking help for their erectile dysfunction issues more than they have ever. Men are beginning to recognize the importance of high-quality medical treatment to treat their erection issues. In the meantime, we’ll be able to determine how effective the different types of treatments are. The great news is that over 90% of males suffering from difficulties with their erections will benefit from the different treatments available.

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