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How to Make Your Own DIY Rooftop Garden

Some people are tired of using cockroach gel baits and natural repellents in an attempt to control garden pests. That is why they prefer building rooftop gardens to get rid of garden slugs and rodents. Nevertheless, if you do not have enough space to make a lawn, then this DIY rooftop garden is the best idea. It’s a perfect solution for nature lovers and calmness seekers.

How to Start a Rooftop Garden?

Follow the steps below to build your own DIY rooftop garden. It all starts with a plan, some hard work, care, and love. Plan Wise, Build Smart!

Imagination and Realization:

First of all, make a plan about the design you want e.g. open garden, raised bed garden, or a tall trees boundary garden. Moreover, consider the area or size of the garden you desire. Imagine a design, draw a sketch of it, and realize your dreams of greens.

Consultation is always best:

You can consult with an engineer about the design of your garden. You can ask whether your roof can withstand a garden weight or the irrigation process will not harm the building. Also, you can discuss the storage space, raised beds, and sitting arrangement suitable for your rooftop garden.

Cleaning and Pest Control:

After knowing what you are going to build, clean all the mess on the roof and create enough space. First of all, remove any storage stuff or tools and evacuate the space. Then, broom the floor of the roof or wash it for thorough cleaning. After completely drying the floor, use suitable pest control methods before you begin planting.

To avoid cockroaches coming out of the nooks and crevices, you first seal them using a caulk. Further prevention can be done by using an advion cockroach gel. Advion gel baits are easily available in the market or at any Pest Control Shop and. These cockroach gel baits can be used in open air and are perfect to kill any type of roach species. No matter what type of roaches inhabit your roof, this best advion cockroach gel can kill them quite effectively. Moreover, you can apply this advion gel around the raised beds, or fruit plant pots.

For other flying insects, you can use UV lamps, vaporizers, sprays, and candles with essential oils. Such candles can be placed on a centre table or boundary walls of a garden. They not only look beautiful but also repel insects.

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Gathering Equipments and Materials:

After all the preparation of the roof, start gathering the woods, frames, plant pots, thread, and all necessary gardening tools. Depending upon your design, start building the frame or raised beds of your garden. You can start putting up plant pots in frames or planting in raised beds.

Selection of Soil:

Here, an important point is to choose the best soil for your rooftop garden. As your garden will be exposed to sunshine, air and rain, too much supplements will not be required. Nevertheless, you can add mulch to your soil to help keep the moisture in the soil. You can also use a fertilizer once a month for efficient plant growth. In a nutshell, selection of soil particularly depends on climate, condition and pH of soil, and upon each plant requirement. Therefore, choose your plants first and then buy a perfect soil from a nursery.

Plants to Plants:

The best idea is to make a garden full of edible fruits and vegetables. It will help promote your health by eating home grown veggies free from any harmful pesticides. You can plant tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, onions, garlic, broccoli, kale, peppers, perennial herbs and flowers. Nevertheless, you can also plant some ornamental plants like beautiful ferns, orchids, petunia, roses, money plants, and peace lilies.

Build a Water source:

A suitable water source that will not damage the building of your home, is highly essential. The water source should be such to provide consistent moisture to the plants as they are constantly exposed to air. To prevent them from drying, you can use a drip irrigation system, sprinkler system, or automatic watering system. However, water source selection also highly depends on the climate and type of plants.  Consult a gardener for accurate information.


You can decor your rooftop garden in any way you like. You can hang small beautiful flower tops, wind chimes, and can use fairy lights to adorn and lit your garden. A UV lamp that is also an insect repellent can do the job well. Additionally, you can make different decoration pieces and small benches with bamboo. A small garden waterfall will add to the beauty of your rooftop garden. You can also place some comfy sofas and a centre table to enjoy tea time at your rooftop garden. Moreover, you can also adorn your garden with ocean stones and make the borders of it.

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