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How to Install iTunes in Windows 10 For a Unique iTunes Look

Windows Vista has taken the innovative step of introducing a feature that allows users to use “iTunes” in “Dark Mode”. How to use iTunes dark mode on Windows Vista is quite easy and straight forward. You’ll need to download iTunes from the Microsoft website, which you can do by right-clicking on the iTunes icon on the task bar and clicking Download.

Alternative you can use if iTunes:

Once you’ve downloaded it, go to the iTunes folder and double click on My iTunes. Look for the iTunes icon, which should be blue with a plus sign above it. Click on it to open it, then double click on the General tab. Set the language to French, and the time and date to French.

Here we go… The next steps are the easy parts, if you thought those steps were obvious you’d be very wrong. There’s a third alternative you can use if iTunes doesn’t work in it’s dark mode, and it’s by far the best way to get things done. You can enable the special feature of enabling the “Sync everything: internet only” option in iTunes. This will enable you to have all your settings on your computer exactly the same as they are on your iPhone, allowing you to sync your music library, videos and other items with your phone.

Open iTunes and click on Preferences in the top menu. On the left side of the screen there’s a button called Account tabs. Click on it and select All files except for those that are synchronized with your account on your MacOS. Delete the files you don’t need. This should enable your computer to play the latest version of iTunes and let iTunes do it’s thing in the darkness of night on your macos.

iTunes to load the latest version:

Close iTunes and then launch iTunes dark mode. It should take a few seconds for it to detect all the devices that are connected to your Mac. Select the device you want to synchronize with, this is usually either your mac or your iPhone, depending on which one is running your latest version of iOS. Click “OK”.

At this point we are almost in the heart of the dark mode, but before we finish there are a couple of final steps that you will need to do. First of all, check out the “mac Os” tab at the bottom of iTunes. If it isn’t there, just click on “Other Devices” and then add the name of your external USB stick. Next, go to the settings and scroll down to the plug-ins tab. Click on it and turn the switch on, to enable the plug-ins for the various items on your computer. Those two steps should put your computer into the proper state for iTunes to load the latest version of the operating system of your iPhone.

Plug your external USB into iTunes and then open the preferences area. Then you should click on “Change”, to install the new Windows dark mode theme. You can select “rethone” as the default theme, or you can change it to something more unique. Change the name, color, and style of the iPod icon, and restart your computer to fully enjoy your new dark mode iTunes theme!


If you would like to get even more custom when it comes to the visual appeal of your iPod, you may want to try using the Appearance option on your phone. The Appearance publish the post option allows you to customize everything from the actual look and style of your icons through to the background image and behavior of your interface. This is a great way to make sure that your iTunes interface looks just right on your new iPhone, and it’s also the ideal way to make sure that your unique look is unique on the iPhone. You can change the icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, for example, and use a different background for every window. Change the iTunes theme, and then tweak your phone – any way you choose to make sure that your it is the best looking it can be.

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