How To Improve Your Ranking in Google With Dedicated Server Singapore

You can’t buy search ranking with money. But you can gain ranking by implementing such small practices and strategies. Gaining ranking in google search is such an important factor in the digital marketing world. Every organization wants to get ranked number 1 on google SERP. Due to this, they attract a high potential customer that they tend to purchase their product easily. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization is so crucial for every organization.

 According to the data of Statista, Google had a clear monopoly on the mobile search engine market across Singapore with a share of 99.68 percent as of July 2021. Google is the ultimate source to drive the highly potential customers to your website.

To get a higher ranking then your website must satisfy the conditions of the Google Ranking Algorithm. In Search Engine Optimization. There is some concept like on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. I am not going deep in technicality, I will try to make this article so simple.

Hence, In this article, I will provide you with valuable information on How to increase your Google ranking by using Dedicated Server Singapore. Let’s Go!

Factors to Increases Ranking In Google SERP

Firstly, understand some important factors to increase your website ranking on google.

  1. Page Speed
  2. User Accessibility
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Highly Secured
  5. Backlinking
  6. Optimized Content
  7. Relevant Information
  8. Keyword Placement
  9. Domain Authority
  10. Optimized Image

These are some important factors of ranking that you must consider before Search Engine Optimization. But web hosting is another important factor that impacts highly on your ranking.

How Web Hosting Performs An Vital Role in Ranking

Web hosting is an exclusive internet service that allows you to access your website or application to your user. You can host your website on the server by purchasing the best web hosting in Singapore. Web hosting is acting as a sender, you can store your all data on your web hosting. Your web hosting sends data to your user whenever a user enters a query on Google related to your product.

There are five types of web hosting services in Singapore such as :

  • Shared Hosting 

Host multiple websites on a single server called shared hosting. You can share your web hosting with multiple websites. This is the popular web hosting for dynamic websites.

  • VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the new technology in Web hosting then Shared Hosting. This is specially designed for those users who want great security and high performance for their websites. In this web hosting, you can get dedicated space to store your server resources in a common server by implementing virtualization technology.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

A best Dedicated Server Singapore is the most powerful web hosting than Shared Hosting and VPS hosting. In this web hosting, you are renting a complete server that means you are the single owner of your server.

  • Cloud Hosting

This web hosting is immensely grown in Singapore. In this web hosting, your server resources are kept in the cloud. You may not worry about varying traffic. This is a very cost-effective way to host your website or application.

  • WordPress Hosting

This website is best suited for WordPress websites. The biggest advantage of WordPress hosting is very secure and highly performed.

These are the most famous varieties of web hosting. But the question that arises in my mind is which type of web hosting is most profitable for my business. So, I would like to tell you that every web hosting is best according to your business needs. If you have just started your business and are looking for web hosting to host the initial version of your website then I suggest you go through shared hosting. This is hosting is suitable to host an initial level website. But, now your website grow day by day and your visitor increases and you need unlimited storage but your budget is limited then VPS hosting is the best choice. It provides you with dedicated space enhanced to boost your security and store unlimited data. 

Now, your business demands to scale and you need to enhance your website user experience and security and your ultimate goal is to be ranked number one on the google search engine. Then you need Dedicated Server in Singapore. 

Why Dedicated Server is Superior Web Hosting in Singapore?

Dedicated Servers Singapore is the most effective web hosting to handle a huge amount of traffic on daily basis and get advanced features of security. This web hosting helps you to increase your website speed and get first place in Google SERP. Your website or application needs a dedicated server in Singapore when you intend to scale your business next level. 

The dedicated server is so beneficial for every large or established organization. I would like to highlight some benefits of this server as follows :

  • Helps to Improve Google Ranking
  • Get 99.9% Network Uptime
  • Unlimited Storage 
  • Advanced Security
  • Robust Connectivity
  • Better Support from Services Provider  
  • Best Reliability
  • Super Flexible and Scalable

Top Usecase Of Dedicated Server Singapore?

Here, we discussed some popular use cases of dedicated servers in Singapore.

  1. Video Streaming & Video Confessing Websites
  2. SaaS Applications
  3. An organization that has sensitive user data
  4. Backup Server
  5. Build Application


Here, we conclude our article. We have learned a lot about how to improve Google Ranking and how a dedicated server is so essential to gain ranking. Dedicated server Singapore is the most reliable, powerful web hosting. If you are looking to switch your existing web hosting then a Dedicated server in Singapore is a profitable decision for your business. Many web hosting provider provides the cheap dedicated server in Singapore.

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