UAE is a famous place for international workers. It is the state which has uncountable opportunities. Among the opportunities is to relocate to any other country across the world. In this blog, we are here to cover all the relevant information on how to get immigration to Australia from Abu Dhabi. 

It is hard to move to the Western world from the Asian region such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and others. The difficulty is due to there are many rules and regulations that most Asian countries don’t match. For instance, majority of the Asian countries don’t have labor agreements with the western world. 

If you are a UAE resident or staying there, you can have a visit or tourist visa for Australia. The attainment of such a visa is easy by proceeding in a straight manner. 

You would be required to submit your documents and travel insurance for the Australian work permit. But there are different requirements to go to Australia, based on the type of visa. A visit visa will enable you to tour Australia. Meanwhile, the Australian work permit will allow you to work there.  


To keep up your application ongoing, you must have the eligibility to immigrate. Here are some of the crucial requirements to be met. Further, you will have to visit the official website to check the on-date requirements.

  • For the eligibility to General Skilled Migration Program, you must have at minimal 65 points out of 100  
  • Relevant work experience
  • A job offer letter and contract from Australia
  • Enough funds to aid your expenses in Australia 
  • Proof of your stay contract/ accommodation
  • Language proficiency 


Attaining a job in Australia is not the only thing t be met. Instead, for work permit Australia there are several other needs to be matched.  Discussed below are the fundamental steps for an Australian work permit from Abu Dhabi:

Step: 1: Finish the Application form:

You must fill out the visa form for immigration to Australia from Abu Dhabi. The form can be downloaded from the relevant website. To avoid any inconvenience, provide the appropriate information according to the application form.

Step: 2: Schedule an Appointment:

You have to take an appointment with the Australian consulate’s office to place your application. Or you can consult Fly High Abroad to submit your online request. 

Fly High abroad doesn’t only provide the online registration process. The major benefit to consult the Fly High Abroad platform is that we add value to your visa. We provide complete assistance in the documentation process to work permits Australia. In short, Fly High Abroad guides you through the visa and other procedures.

For a work permit in Australia, you must undergo an interview at the embassy of Abu Dhabi. You have to appear for the interview with all the obligatory paperwork.

Step: 3: Assemble your Paperwork:

All the western nations have their policies and regulation. Each and every nation has its requirements for paperwork when it comes to work permits. 

However, a valid visa keeper can travel to Australia. If they attain immigration to Australia, they are able to freely work there. But it all depends upon the smooth and error-free paperwork

Just have a look at the basic requirements listed below for an Australian work permit:

Application form: 

A visa application form that has been entirely completed and is signed on both sides by you.


It shouldn’t have taken longer than three months to supply the Passport size images.

Valid Passport: 

Three months or more should have passed since the last time you intended to leave the Australian region. Two blank pages in the passport must be available for the visa sticker.


You must acquire insurance coverage for up to 30,000 Euros before going to the EU to cover medical emergencies while there and for the flight back home. 

Proof of the accommodation: 

You must hand the owner of the home where you will reside the rent agreement form.

Job/ Employment Contract: 

The agreement between the employer and the employee is known as an employment contract.

Proof of academic qualification: 

Your qualification certificates should be authenticated by the relevant nation’s ministry of education.

NOC Letter: 

Your current employer in the UAE has written you a letter of no objection, or NOC.

Other Documents:

Along with your passport, you’ll also need a resident visa and a work permit for the UAE.

Step: 4: Submit your application: 

Next, you are required to submit your application for an Australian work permit to the consular office. The due date will be notified on the interview date. Try to be punctual or better 3 hours too soon than a minute too late.

Make sure to carry all the required documents while visiting the consulate for the work permit Australia. For this reason, if they turn you away to get the documents again, the process will take longer. 

Step: 5: Collect your Visa:

Once your visa is ready, you will be notified. A few of the most advanced embassy allows you to track your work permit process. 

Other than the rejection, this complete process may take a duration of almost 3 to 6 months. Here you must know the most common reasons for visa rejection. 

  • Void or inapplicable passport
  • No contract of employment
  • No valid travel insurance
  • Unable to confirm the purpose of the visit
  • Unconfirmed flight booking

Is it simple for an Arab to travel to Europe for work?

The procedure from the UAE is the most challenging since you run the danger of losing your money if you do not choose a reliable job agency and agent, even though many individuals of different nationalities have successfully entered Australia through this route.


Fly High Abroad is among the most trustworthy and popular immigration and visa consultants in Abu Dhabi.  

We provide you with permanent residency, business immigration visas, tourist visas, and family-sponsored visas in addition to study and employment permits. Step up to step out with a truly unique experience when you work with us.

  • Skilled immigration to Australia and Canada from Abu Dhabi
  • Immigration to the UK and Europe
  • USA immigration

Customer Assistance:

Through Fly High Abroad, you will be guided on basic as well as safety needs by our 24/7 customer assistance offer.

Consultation Service:

Fly High Abroad offers consultation services to clients who wish to travel. It will assist you to consult expert and registered consultants from all over the world. We are capable of a dedicated team, great support, and trusted agents. Undoubtedly, Fly High Abroad provides the best consultation in Abu Dhabi. 

Pre-landing services:

Hiring consultants that do high-quality work is crucial. The same is done through Fly High Abroad. We have specialists for every nation, including Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, the USA, and others, who can share their tried-and-true strategies with you so that your visa is approved right away.

Post-landing services:

Pre- and post-landing services are provided by Fly High Abroad as long as you are with them. Throughout the immigration and adjustment processes, our professionals stay in touch with you. They provide you with advice on the initial actions you should take to ensure your survival in a foreign place.

Our professionals congratulate you and offer advice for the future when the other nation grants your visa. Our bits of advice are in the fields that include the national lifestyle, educational system, healthcare system, working environment, and activities that you may carry out with your passport, among other things. These insightful workshops help you live a life that will be remembered and make it simple for you to quickly adapt to your new nation.


You can be one of the many people searching for an Australian work visa. Both successful and unsuccessful stories of others who have traveled this path may be found.

The process of obtaining a work permit in Australia from the UAE is considerably simpler than it is in our countries. In regions such as Asia and Africa, it might be challenging to find an experienced agency that can work for you. You must be looking for an agency that assists you without misleading you or charging you a high service charge. And Fly High Abroad is here to support you. 

You have a wonderful chance to take in Australia’s natural splendor, including the stunning combination of hues in its sunsets, etc. What are you waiting for then? Make an appointment with a Fly High Abroad specialist in Abu Dhabi to unlock the door to Australia. 

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