How to Create a Wishlist on Amazon

Wishlists offer online shoppers a convenient way to save items they might be interested in for later purchase. Wishlists have the potential to reduce cart abandonment and boost conversions, especially among mobile shoppers.

The wishlist mechanism is user-friendly and essential for any e-commerce site to offer.

Customers who find a product they want to buy but its warehouse stock is out of stock or not in the size or color they desire can add it to their wishlist. This helps them locate it when returning to the website and allows retailers to keep stock of popular items.

Create and share a wishlist on Amazon quickly and easily.

To create a wishlist, go to the list page and click “Create List.” Give it a name and select your preferences. Additionally, you can customize its look and feel by changing its theme, colors, and background image.

You can add items to your wishlist from anywhere on the website, which is especially handy if you’re busy or don’t have time to look through all your favorites right away. Once added, any product image will display a heart icon in red instead of white indicating that it has been added to your wishlist.

Once your wishlist is ready to be shared, copy a link and send it on. You have three options: public, private or shared (which allows others to view but not edit the list).

Another option is allowing collaborators to add items to your wishlist. This could be beneficial when planning a birthday party or housewarming gift for friends and family members.

If you’re an online seller, adding a wishlist to your e-commerce site is an effective way to increase sales and build customer loyalty. Not only does it give shoppers a convenient place to save products they might like in the future, but wishlists also generate leads, register users, and develop your database within your e-commerce platform.

Maintaining your wishlist on a mobile device is essential for drawing in more customers and guaranteeing they create their lists using smartphones. As the average smartphone user is expected to generate nearly PS100bn in mobile retail sales by 2024, failing to optimize your wishlist for mobile use could prove costly in terms of lost sales opportunities.

Shoppers with a wishlist are likely to stay longer on your site and spend more money on items they’re interested in. This is beneficial for your business, and it also presents you with an opportunity to showcase the advantages of your wishlist feature.

How to Add Items to a Wishlist on Amazon

To add an item to your list, click the heart icon located at the top of any product image. This is an intuitive way of adding items and checking how full your wishlist is at any given time.

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