How to Choose the Best Live Streaming Platform?

With the easy accessibility of live streaming services like Instagram live, Facebook live, and more, do not get puzzled. Each platform has its own set of features and tools that can be useful in different ways. If you are looking to adopt an ideal live stream platform to enhance the reach of your brand, then let us help you with the steps required in selecting the right live streaming platform;

Know Your Target Audience

Who shall be your potential viewers, and how will you draw their attention? It is one of the major concerns of individuals and brands opting for live streaming services on social media platforms. The better you understand your target audience and their expectations, the easier it is the begin with the planning and preparation procedures required to host successful live streaming. But, with live streaming being open to everybody, how will you ensure that the right people know and attend your live sessions. To make this happen, consider asking a few questions to yourself, for example;

  1. How will you connect with your audience?
  2. Which topics will you focus on while going live?
  3. How will you tackle the challenges that will come while going live?

With clear answers to these questions, it will be easier to choose the best live streaming service provider.

Be Clear with your Goals

After identifying the target audience, you should be clear about the objectives of the live streaming session. Why have you chosen corporate live streaming? There has to be a definite answer to this to take your live stream in the right direction. Learning the goals helps in identifying the purpose of going live and the feasible challenges that might occur. With an overall analysis of this, you’ll be able to look for solutions that can solve the possible challenges. And, at the end of this step, it will be even simpler to choose the best live streaming platform.

Learn About your Competitors

To stay a step ahead of your direct competitors, you need to study their gestures and actions. Prepare a checklist of the top competitors, and learn about the live streaming techniques they use. Try knowing more about the platforms they adopt to reach a large segment of audiences. It will give a better understanding of the recent topics you need to cover.

Besides these insights, you should also examine their monetization approaches. For example, if the opponents are giving any special discounts or privileges for viewers joining their live session. Promotion is the key to luring more potential audiences to your live-streaming event. So, take time and understand the strategies adopted by top brands and enterprises to market their live event. You can use social media platforms to know about their strategies and do a thorough study about the same.

The motive of these studies is to be alert about the ongoing trends and happenings in order to choose the ideal live streaming platform.

Look for a Feature-rich Platform

With a profound understanding of the insights of your competitors and your live event goals, now, you need to look for the best platform features and tools.

  1. Video content management system: It is one of the effective tools that help you classify and manage the video content seamlessly.
  2. Monetization alternatives: It is one of the significant factors required to host a successful live-streaming. Several content creators look for opportunities that can generate better revenue through pay-per-view and subscription.
  3. Monetization via auto-record to VOD: After the live session ends, auto-record to VOD enables the availability of the same to the subscribers for which they can be charged.
  4. Easy payment procedure: We know that revenue generation is a matter of concern for the organizers. Hence, this is why you should look for platforms that have easy and secure payments options to be accessed by individuals from global locations.
  5. Go live notifications: Now with everything in place, your viewers should receive notifications about your live event. It is one of the vital factors that can increase event attendance. So, try sending alerts via emails or in-app notifications.
  6. Pre-registration event tools and pages: Creating a possibility of registering interested attendees before the live sessions is an excellent way of earning more revenue.
  7. Live chat function: Real-time interactions are one of the most important activities required in an event. Therefore, you should look for live streaming technologies that can seamlessly integrate this to promote audience engagement.
  8. Track video analytics: The ability to gauge and track the event’s success is the latest function that brands use to know if the event is operating in the planned direction.
  9. Landing page builder: With the aim to welcome more viewers, platforms should be capable of creating a compelling landing page.
  10. Live stream countdown: This tool is super helpful in generating more excitement among the viewers.

Check the Compatibility of the Live Streaming Service Provider & Audience Needs

After deciding the crucial features and tools, you need to confirm if they are audience-friendly. In the end, it’s all about the viewers and their experiences. So, the intention should be to offer the best to each attendee. During a thorough validation, you can also consider optimizing the event features in order to make it more audience-specific. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn being the most popular social media platforms, make sure to study them and make the most of their interfaces to host an engaging live-streaming event.

Get Started with your Live Streaming

With event metrics like event planning, monetization, attendee engagement & promotional strategies in place, you are all set to begin. Gear up and create engaging content, event Agenda, and show flow to deliver a value-yielding event.

Wrapping Up

Among so many live streaming platforms available, we understand that it can be a little complex to find the one that suits your needs. Hence, this is why we have compiled the most essential steps involved in choosing an all-in-one live streaming provider. It is advisable to look for solutions that make it easier for brands and individuals to gather more audience and keep them engaged.

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