GMAT Full Form and Exam Dates 2021

Every MBA aspirant looking to study at a top-tier business school abroad knows one essential criterion that is commonly asked as part of admissions prerequisites – the GMAT exam. GMAT is a standardized test conducted globally by GMAC. The scores are often asked by business schools so that they can assess your ability to perform and participate during the intensive 12 or 16-month MBA program. 

So let’s know a little more about the GMAT exam, what GMAT stands for, and what exam dates for 2021 are.

The GMAT Exam: 

GMAT is a computer-adaptive test conducted by GMAC — Graduate Management Admissions Council — all over the world. This exam has been an essential part of the admission requirements of most MBA programs globally for the past 60 years. And, if you weren’t aware, the GMAT exam full form is Graduate Management Admissions Test. As the name depicts, it is an exam specifically structured to gauge the essential traits of a potential management student. 

One of the reasons business schools and universities ask for the GMAT score is because it helps the admissions committee gauge the applicant’s ability to compete and perform in the intensive master’s program designed by the institution. The four sections of the GMAT test evaluate a test taker’s critical thinking, analytical writing, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills needed to perform in an MBA or any other master’s program about management and business.

Although business schools also provide an option to submit GRE scores converted to GMAT scores using an online tool provided by ETS, both tests have different purposes. While the GRE is a more subject-oriented test to gauge your knowledge, the GMAT, on the other hand, measures your ability to think and reason logically. Hence, it is not just about answering the right question on the GMAT but also about getting as close as possible to the correct answer using critical reasoning and well-calculated guesswork in case you find any question challenging.

Benefits of GMAT exam:

  • You made it into the top B-schools.: The GMAT is a standardized exam designed for admission to business and management courses. It is the most trusted exam by international business schools. 
  • You received a scholarship: Most international MBA programs are costly. Even if you can score a GMAT, paying upper-class B school fees can be challenging. One of the best ways to get an MBA degree without the financial burden is getting a scholarship. 
  • You get a good position and MBA salary: A good GMAT score isn’t just necessary to get into a prestigious college. It also plays a vital role in your postgraduate position and salary. 
  • You get the light: GMAT offers students the opportunity to study abroad. Although studying abroad comes with its challenges, 
  • Your communication skills improve: It tests your verbal, quantitative, analytical, and reasoning skills. Verbal reasoning and analytical writing assessments are directly linked to your interpersonal skills. 
  • You upgrade other valuable skills: As you prepare for the GMAT, your logic, analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving skills will be tested. Therefore, due to constant practice and preparation.

Scheduling Your GMAT Exam Dates:

To schedule your appointment for the GMAT exam, it is essential to visit the official website and create an account to begin your registration process. The GMAT exam is conducted all-round the year, except on public holidays. Hence, based on the GMAT exam dates 2021 displayed on the website, you can schedule your exam on a convenient date.

 It is essential to note that no additional criteria need to be fulfilled to take the GMAT exam (though the b-schools lay down specific criteria) except a valid ID proof and paying the registration fee of $250 (INR. 18,300).

Now that you know what the GMAT exam’s full form is and its importance, you’re better positioned to plan your GMAT exam preparations and schedule your GMAT dates without any hassle.

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