A Guide for First-Time Flyers on How to Check Flight PNR Status and Flight Number Online

How can I easily check my flight PNR status?

Booking airplane tickets online is now a simple and painless process. Flight-related inquiries may also be made online using mobile phones or desktops. As flight itineraries change, it becomes simpler for passengers to obtain real-time information on departure and arrival delays. Contrary to common assumption, the abbreviation PNR is extensively used in the travel industry and is not confined to train travels. When required, air travelers may also confirm their flight numbers online. In this essay, we will go through the fundamentals of air Flight PNR Status.

What exactly is a flight PNR?

PNR is an abbreviation for Passenger Name Record. It is made up of six letters and numbers and lets travelers manage their flight tickets and check-in online. When you purchase an airline ticket, a unique PNR is produced that holds your itinerary and personal information.

What is the significance of Flight PNR?

You may use your flight PNR to look for air ticket confirmation, place of origin and destination details, traveler names, flight number, and departure and arrival times for the aircraft. You may also use the flight PNR status to check the status of your flight. Knowing the situation might assist you in planning your trip.

Once you understand how to access your flight ticket confirmation from your PNR, you can account for the flight’s delay and prepare beforehand. Additionally, travellers must enter their Flight PNR Status to complete online check-in and pick their seats prior to the plane’s departure.

How to Track Down Your Passenger Name Record

When you finish your booking, the e-ticket will be sent to the email address you have entered. The flight pnr status is easily found in this document. It is important to remember that all passengers booked on the same ticket will have an identical PNR. PNRs and itineraries varied across carriers. To check the status of your flight, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website of your preferred airline.
  2. Choose Edit/Manage Booking from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Fill in your contact info (email or full name) and PNR/Booking Reference number. 
  4. Select the “Get Itinerary” option.
  5. You may now examine flight information and passenger data, make changes to your ticket, pick add-ons, and check in online (if applicable).

For domestic flights, web check-in is normally offered 48 hours to 60 minutes before departure. However, for international flights, the check-in window shuts two hours before the planned departure time.

flight pnr status

How to Check the Status of a Flight Online

Here’s a short guide to checking flight status:

  1. Navigate to the flight app or website. 
  2. Navigate to the section for flight status. 
  3. Enter the airline, flight number, and departure date. 
  4. Click on the “Search” button. You will now be able to monitor your plane’s Live status.

Is it possible to download my flight ticket with PNR?

Yes, after your booking is complete, you may get your flight ticket from PNR. Here’s how to get your airline ticket using the PNR:

  1. Navigate to the airline’s website.
  2. Navigate to the Edit/Manage Booking option.
  3. Enter the passenger’s PNR number and last name.
  4. Finally, click the Get/Retrieve Itinerary button. You may download a flight ticket from your PNR on this page.

The PNR is an essential component of airline tickets. It may be used to access itinerary papers, update the booking, finish the online check-in process, and check the flight status. The websites of most airlines, notably Air India, SpiceJet, Vistara, Go First, and AirAsia, enable you to check the status of your flight.

What exactly is a flight number?

A flight’s identifying number is made up of the airline’s IATA code and a series of numbers between one and four digits. The International Air Transport Association (IATA)-approved airline code consists of two characters printed in capital letters. For example, AA is American Airlines’ IATA code, while UA is United Airlines’.

The flight path is represented by the 1-4 digit number that follows the IATA code. A flight number serves as an identifying identifier for each flight, assisting Air Traffic Control in arranging and monitoring planes in the air. A flight number makes it easier to monitor the number of flights that operate on a certain route on a given day.

How Do I Locate My Flight Number?

Your flight number may be found on your flight ticket and boarding permit. You can easily locate your flight number now that you understand its structure. Furthermore, when you buy your airline tickets, you will obtain booking confirmation as well as your flight number.

Some Flight Number Examples

A flight number, as previously indicated, is made up of two letters and 1-4 digits. Here are some instances of flight numbers:

  • AI 126: A flight from Chicago to Delhi operated by Air India.
  • United Airlines flight UA 867 from San Francisco to Delhi.
  • AI 108: A flight from Chicago to Hyderabad operated by Air India.
  • American Airlines flight 292 from New York to New Delhi.
  • SpiceJet flight SG 4001 from Hyderabad to Goa

How are flight numbers assigned by airlines?

Airlines, in general, rely on a complicated system to calculate flight numbers. They take into consideration every airline’s previous and current flight numbers. However, there are certain established norms that govern how flight numbers are generated. Even numbers indicate aircraft flying east or north, whereas odd numbers indicate planes heading west or south. These are not, however, hard and fast laws. Some airlines assign even numbers to leaving flights and odd numbers to incoming planes. When it comes to flight numbers, each airline has its own set of restrictions. Furthermore, single or double-digit numbers may indicate that the route is important to the airline. Nothing in aviation seems to be random.

Are flight and PNR numbers interchangeable?

No, flight numbers and PNR numbers are not the same thing. PNR (Passenger Name Record), also known as PNR number, PNR Code, or booking reference number, is composed of 6 alphanumeric characters that are a random combination of letters and numbers. Each booking generates a PNR, which is delivered to passengers in the form of a digital certificate that includes your personal information as well as the facts of your flight route. The PNR code is also written in the upper left corner of your airline ticket.

What Information Does a Flight Ticket Contain?

Aside from your flight pnr status, your plane ticket contains the following information:

  • Name of the passenger
  • Information about the issuing agency
  • Date of ticket issuance Validity of the ticket Origin and destination information
  • Time and date of departure
  • Payment procedure
  • Policies regarding flight cancellations and refunds
  • Costs breakdown

It may also provide extra information like luggage allowance and tax breakdown, among other things.

What is the purpose of flight numbers?

Every commercial aircraft in commercial airspace is allocated a unique number (depending on the operating airline and route), allowing air traffic controllers to track flights in airspace and oversee air traffic on a particular route. When arriving at an airport, travellers may use their flight number to locate their boarding gate.

Is there a difference between a flight number and a call sign?

The call sign and flight number of an aircraft may or may not be the same. When conversing over the radio, pilots and air traffic control personnel use call signs to refer to an aircraft. The call sign is a string of alphanumeric characters that often includes the ICAO airline designator and flight number. Even though they see alphanumeric letters on the screen, air controllers and airline personnel communicate using the airline name. Airlines may also have a unique radio call sign (for example, United Airlines’ radio call sign is Speedbird).

Do flight numbers remain with the aircraft? Is the same flight number indicative of the same plane?

No. The flight number identifies the route served by an airline and has nothing to do with the aircraft. Airlines use the same model of aircraft to fly multiple itineraries under different flight numbers. Thus, a flight number does not refer to a single physical aircraft, but rather to a certain flight path.

Is the flight number one for all major airlines?

In general, flight number 1 represents an airline’s most prominent or historic route across its whole network. Several major airlines use 001 flights on their most significant routes, such as American Airlines’ AA001 flight from New York to Los Angeles. United Airlines and Singapore Airlines both operate 001-numbered flights between San Francisco and Singapore.


To sum up, first-time fliers may manage their trip plans more easily and quickly than ever before because of the widespread availability of flight PNR status and flight numbers online. A passenger’s ability to see their itinerary, verify flight information, and make any necessary modifications or revisions is made possible via the Passenger Name Record (PNR), an essential part of airline tickets. Learners who know where to look for the PNR number on their tickets will be more prepared for flight delays, cancellations, and online check-in. The identification and monitoring of planes by flight numbers is also crucial, since it allows air traffic management to better manage air traffic and assists passengers in finding their boarding gates. Both flight numbers and PNR numbers are useful to passengers, although they serve different purposes. Overall, first-time passengers might feel more at ease with the difficulties of air travel because to the availability and convenience of internet tools.

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