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Emotional Exhaustion – The Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Details!

Almost every other individual is emotionally exhausted today. The rapid lifestyle today leaves no room for people to understand each other’s problems and share them. That is why you are often left alone with this kind of emotional stigma. But it is crucial to be aware that any emotional exhaustion can lead to severe effects. Sometimes we have seen patients committing suicide because they are emotionally unwell. It brings us to the need to be fully aware of this crucial situation.

What is emotional exhaustion? 

When you feel overburdened with emotions and negative thoughts, this is emotional exhaustion. Sometimes the stress level in your life is too high. It leads to you getting drained from happiness. According to the famous psychologist in Adelaide from Therapia Psychology, a person facing this kind of exhaustion often feels trapped in negative thoughts and finds difficulty searching the positivity around. Therapia has been dealing with such severe cases for years and is always ready to help you if required.

The symptoms of emotional exhaustion 

Sometimes you’re not even aware that you are facing this grave psychological situation. To understand your condition, you should look for these symptoms in yourself.

  •         Lack of motivation 
  •         Irritated behaviour 
  •         Mood swings 
  •         Problems in having a good sleep
  •         Absent-minded attitude
  •         Lack of concentration 
  •         Reduction in your appetite 
  •         Frequent anger and frustration 
  •         Depression
  •         Suicidal tendencies 
  •         Pessimistic behaviour or thoughts 
  •         Fatigue in extreme situations 
  •         Lower commitment rate 
  •         Emotional breakdowns at unpredictable times and situations

Factors causing emotional exhaustion!

 What triggers emotional exhaustion differs from individuals to person. Some people get this feeling because of constant work or domestic stress. For others, it can be when they can’t find someone to talk to and share their feelings. But one thing is for sure -you are emotionally exhausted when you are tired of fighting with yourself for some reason. (This can be because of your busy lifestyle or some dilemma that occurs in your life.) As per Healthline, some common factors that trigger such a situation are:

  •         Jobs that demand lots of time and effort. (Like nursing, being in the police, the head of a company, and so on.
  •         Having a child with little and no help
  •         Prolonged deteriorated medical condition or poor health 
  •         Intense education and demanding study patterns 
  •         Financial stress 
  •         Troublesome relationships 
  •         Divorce proceedings 
  •         Having more children to tackle 
  •         Death of a closed, beloved person 
  •         Long hours of work 
  •         Body shaming 

Ways to treat emotional exhaustion 

 Yes, emotional exhaustion is treatable, and that too very conveniently. You have to make small but vital changes in your lifestyle and alter your mindset a bit. It might take some effort from your side. But it is always better than being tortured regularly because of these negativities in your life. So, if you are ready for that positive change, do follow this guide to treat your problem.

  •         Find the reason behind your constant stress. (Check if it is from the list provided above.)
  •         Eliminate the stress-building factor or at least reduce it. (Like quitting working extra hours.)
  •         Eat healthily but wisely 
  •         Try meditation and yoga or aerobics and Zumba 
  •         Get proper sleep or alter your resting patterns 
  •         Connect with friends 
  •         Take breaks frequently 
  •         Meet a professional psychologist or therapist 
  •         Pursue a hobby or go for a holiday 
  •         Don’t be shy in crying when required 
  •         Mindfully reduce the anxiety level by thinking less about the negative situations
  •         Hire help to deal with the busy lifestyle 
  •         Read motivational books 

Emotional exhaustion is an unfortunate situation that has engulfed every second individual under its spell. But the treatments for it are available easily as well. We would like to see you trying hard to treat it rather than getting trapped in the situation and harming yourself. Remember, such incidents causing you emotional pressure are going to be constant. But if you are determined to find happiness amidst these negativities, no one can stop you! 

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