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Ecommerce best 5 pro tips to create an award-winning profitable website

Visualize two house renovating outlets on a busy street. One is named “House Decoration Services” while the other is ecommerce branded with the ‘Home Décor’ signature. Which one would you rather choose? The one with a generic name or the other that sounds more realistic and professional? It’s obvious you’ll choose the latter owing to its better-sounding brand label.

Anyone knowledgeable about modern house beautification means and methods knows that decor is the new mainstream word for house renovation services. You should be familiar with professional and non-professional digit media designs. There are several means and methods you can use to adjust your website according to your customer needs.

If you’re looking for easygoing approaches to add life to your website, you can try applying the following techniques. These are easy to grasp and helps you focus on key components of your website that require timely enhancements.

1. Choose a simple website theme layout

Make sure you create a simple website design. You don’t want to create a mess while trying to keep things clear for the readers. Choose pre-designed templates available online. It shows the structure of your webpage in advance as your designers and developers create your ecommerce site. The best template platforms where you can get download page templates for free include WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML5, and Muse.

2. Personalize your website

The next step is to add a human feel to your website. After all, you don’t want your website to sound robust and robotic that repels visitors to spend time on your website. Hence, add content to your webpage that sounds human and makes things feel natural and complementary. You’ll be able to attract more customers to your ecommerce website. Besides, it’s a great way to connect with visitors emotionally and interactively. This way you’ll be able to generate high-quality leads and conversions.

3. Add Brand persona to your website

Finally, it’s time to add life to your brand. It’s good that you’ve successfully connected with your clients naturally with a down-to-earth humanized tone. Thus, it’s time to soften your business agenda and purpose.  Start with your brand logo design that is the star of the show. Try to keep it simple and visually enticing. Try adding other crucial elements that give a complete picture of your brand’s personality. Go through the outline of your business to have a much clear perspective about the brand’s ideal persona bearing.

4. Prefer using primary colors

Do not overcomplicate your website with a wide array of color collections. You’re not selling colors to your customers, right? Thus, keep the color tone low-slung as your brand voice. You can try using primary colors followed by secondary colors as well. If you wish for a little range of shades, try mixing primary and secondary tints for producing beautiful hues.

5. Add high-quality product images

We are living in an era where visuals have more importance than mere writings. Therefore, add high-quality images to your website. Besides, you can apply alt tags (attribute texts) to your images that help search engines find you on the internet. The JPEG format is best if you wish to empower your website with eloquent eye candies. There are several platforms where you can find copyright-free images free of cost. The best picks in this category are Unsplash, Pixabay, Freerange, Pexels, and Flikr, among many others.

Bonus website design tips to consider:

  • Break your lengthy website content into little portions.
  • Add navigation bars for product categories.
  • Add Professional elements to your website.
  • Connect social media with your ecommerce website.
  • Add a refreshing user checkout experience.
  • Optimize your website for mobile.

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