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Chemicals That You Must Not Use While Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs may be costly, but the type of luxury and look it renders to the floors of your house is simply phenomenal. Its quality of fabric and handwoven work allows your house to groom its beauty. Hence, it is necessary that you understand that you have to go for its periodic maintenance and cleaning from time to time to keep its shine and look intact always. Oriental rug cleaning surely demands expertise. However, it is also necessary to know about those cleaning solutions or chemicals you must not use, or if using, it must be done with great care while cleaning your carpet. Let’s know about them that your cleaning expert will avoid if you have called one for carpet washing to remove the dust, dirt, stain marks, etc.

The very first option that will strike your mind for washing these rugs will be bleaching powder. Hang on! First, understand the aftermath of using it. There’s no doubt that bleaching powder can give the quickest resolution but is not the most effective. It is because the bleaching powder can fade away the colour of the fabric as it whitens those specific patches from where it has not removed any stains. Spots from where it has been removed those stains hardly get affected as at those places, bleaching powder has the main functionality to react with them and eliminate the molecules and traces. Hence, it is advisable that you use this product with great care, especially on stain patches only.

Another alternative that you may think to use in place of bleaching powder is ammonia, another strong agent that is highly preferable in removing allergens, pathogens, and grimes. But, you need to remember one thing that it is a basic compound, meaning that it has a pH value of more than 7. Therefore, you must not use it as a frequent cleaning agent for washing cotton or silk rugs as it can degrade their fabric to a great extent. Remember, any detergent or cleaning solution that you are thinking to use and has a pH above 8 is simply not ideal, and you must not use it at all and any cost for cleaning oriental carpets in your house.

The same can happen in the case of a chemical solution that is acidic in nature and has a pH value below 6. Hence, before you choose any cleaning agent that is a liquid, you must check its pH value for sure. If any of them is not in the range of 6 to 8, straight away say NO to it every time.

So, what to do then? If you think that the only thing left with you is water or steam as there is nothing harmful as a chemical component present in it, you are still in the wrong state of mind. Water can be dangerous if you have not dried the carpet after cleaning it as it gives perfect breeding grounds for growing mildew in it. Hence, things just got balanced out and not helped you in any way as it will hamper the natural fibre. Therefore, cold water will be a better option. But in any case, you have to dry your rug. Better to keep in front of the sun or use a shop vac to remove the excess water present as content in your rug. 

Considering that you got a great amount of exposure to the chemicals and how to use them with full care and vigilance, you can surely handle and monitor the work of a cleaning expert and prohibit or stop them from using those solutions. Because at the end of the day, it’s your rug that will matter the most. 

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