Candolim Beach Best Goa in 2022


Location: Candolim Goa Utara Beach

Activity Time: One Hour

Candolim North Candolim Beach Water Sports Information

One of the most extensive beaches. Candolim Beach is a very popular adventure destination. The beach is 15 kilometers from Panjim located in North Goa. This provides total peace and views of Candolim Watersunning waters above the sparkling Arabic sea waters.

Enjoy a beautiful time with your friends by trying this interesting activity such as parasailing, speeding up banana rides, boat ski ski, and bumper rides when you order this package. By flying from the air, you to see the amazing beauty of Candolim Beach. You can make a reservation at Universal Adventures to take part in thrilling and interesting activities that smoothly create the most memorable vacation memories.

It is allowed for those aged 10 or more. Not recommended for senior individuals and expect women. You can also choose Scuba Diving on Andaman.

How did I get there?

Candolim Beach is the longest in the state is located in North Goa, 15 km from Panjim, and is easily accessed through public and private transportation.

About Activities:

This is an ongoing activity for about an hour.

Operating hours for activities are between 10:00 am and 17:45.

Candolim Beach is the longest in the state in North Goa, 15 km from Panjim, and is easily accessed through public and private transportation.

Activity bundle is available for children -children aged 10 years and over.

Ordered and travel to the location for amazing views and stabs in various different activities including speedboats, double jet skiing and double bumper rides and double banana rides.

Apart from the briefing, and each water game lasts about 2 to 5 minutes. If you are in water, you can cross 200m in a circle.

Before taking part in every water sport, there is a briefing session that is around (8-10 minutes) and then there is a waiting time for about 5-7 minutes before the next exercise.

Learn before participating in Candolim Beach water sports

Activity bundle is for those who are at least 12 years old. Not recommended for parents or pregnant women.

Rates for superior jet skiing, bananas, bumpers, or boat riding depend on time. In addition, if you need more time or require more, you can pay an additional amount in cash directly to the operator and use the service.

Costs for minors above 12 will be billed in full amounts. It is not recommended for those who suffer from severe illness.

Divers may not meet the requirements for refund if they do not choose to take part in diving. Strictly not allowed to drink alcohol or other alcohol -related substances during this trip.

In the cave, all ships are controlled by local residents. It is recommended to avoid disagreement with local residents. The reason for the cancellation mentioned above may not be entitled to the refund after making a reservation. Strictly not allowed to drink alcohol or other alcohol -related substances during this tour.

Goa’s Banana Boat Ride:

A more interesting experience can be a banana boat trip. You ride on a ship made of rubber designed to resemble a banana. You will be amazed by what happened and how it happened in Goa.

Rent Goa Jet Ski:

Jet ski is similar to cycling, only on water. With the driver, you ride a bicycle on water. This is a beautiful and thrilling journey.

Go up the speedboat in the cave:

Sports that take place in Goa need a speedboat. This is a smooth and easy journey that is packed with a pleasant surprise.

Take a bumper car in the cave:

This was also done on a donut boat, which was related to fast boats as well as all other experiences. This is an opportunity to enjoy the sensation of going across water during the trip.


Relax on the beach, or participate in thrilling sports


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