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What is an Hologram or Holographic Technology?

A hologram is a three-dimensional image created using holographic techniques that has a physical presence in real space, or a recording that represents a three-dimensional likeness.

According to Tech pally Inc,  The term holography or Holographic Technology summarizes the processes that use the wave character of light to achieve a realistic representation. 

Interference and coherence play an important role here, but not the only major factors, says Chaktty.

According to the US manufacturing data and reports published by Dentey in Hologram Facts in 2020, the certain three-dimensional projections are also referred to as holograms. 

Furthermore, There are many different types of such three dimensional projections such as image plane holograms, reflection holograms, multiplex holograms and computer generated holograms.

Hologram Technology Applications

Hologram is not new in this century, but there are no modern technology to produce 3 dimensional images that can be used to produce real products in the manufacturing industries.

Well, today, the Known applications are product presentations.

 The holograms are created in pyramid-shaped attachments or with special equipment on highly powered industrial computer machines and replicated in real objects and serve as eye-catchers at trade fairs and in shop windows. 

Scientific and technical implementations are also relevant. 

The representations on concert stages are usually not holograms in the narrower sense, but projections on panes of glass or transparent curtains, according to Techpally magazine.

 A Japanese company has developed the Gatebox, featuring a holographic anime character who has natural language abilities, is linked to artificial intelligence and is intended to serve as a partner and assistant.

The application of hologram is diverse and this technology is not limited to the manufacturing industry as it can be used in education, law, health, agriculture, and any other verticals of science and in real sector of the economy.

Fictionality of the Holographic Technology

Like I’ve said earlier that hologram is nothing new as it has existed in the time past but its use is not in common and complex like it is today.

However, hologram in the film and movie is another very useful application as it can be used to create motion pictures and characters that are mere fictions and not real objects in our movies, according to Tec pally entertainment.

In “Star Wars” for example, Leia, projected onto a table by R2-D2, delivers a message. 

In “Star Trek” William Riker moves in virtual landscapes of the holodeck.

In “Ghost in the Shell” fish made of light swim through the air next to Major.

In “Blade Runner 2049” Officer K lives with a holographic companion named Joi and meets holographic dancers and (long dead) singers.

 Science fiction movies abound with fictional holograms. The latter work sets milestones, for example with the merging of Joi with a replicant to become a third woman.

Criticism and outlook of Hologram Technology

Science fiction films in particular have raised high expectations that have not been met to this day.

The fictional holograms have an enormous effect. Even the real ones, despite their shortcomings, attract and amaze the viewer. 

This is mainly due to the aforementioned physical presence in real space, which is not present in virtual reality.

The further development of holograms would give new impetus to these areas.

 Technology and information ethics address the relationships we enter into with holograms, business and especially corporate ethics the substitution of products and people and the suggestive and manipulative effects at the point of sale 

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