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The heart of a living room is usually the fireplace, which adds warmth to the room and creates a sense of comfort and relaxation, just as the fireplace is important to the room, the mantelpiece is important to the fireplace.

A mantelpiece is one of the most important factors in ensuring that you have a beautiful mantelpiece that will stand the test of time and add an extra touch of class to your living room and home.

Woods to avoid for a mantelpiece

Not all woods are suitable for mantels. Softer woods like spruce and pine look attractive when sanded and buffed, but tear easily over time. Because of the grain of the wood, they are not as close together as hardwood and wood are not. so dense they can be easily damaged, dented, split, or scratched.

Even if you take the time to apply lots of coats of decent quality varnish, softwoods can be easily damaged.

Fruit trees

There are many fruit trees such as cherry trees that can be used as a mantelpiece for your mantelpiece. On the positive side, they tend to last longer than conifers. One negative aspect of fruit tree wood is that it does not survive wear and tear as long. and they break like harder hardwoods. The reason people like to use cherry wood is because of the red-colored wood, which can shine similarly to mahogany.


This wood is great when you want a bedroom fireplace to be the focus. When properly sanded, polished, and varnished it can have an amazingly bright and eye-catching look. In addition to its dark brown to medium brown color palette, mahogany is also known for its sturdiness.

Hard nut

Hickory is known for its use on tool handles and baseball bats for its durability and the pressure and stress it can withstand. The color of this wood is generally darker than that of maple, and because the grain is straighter than most hardwoods, it can give a finished mantelpiece a unique look.


If you want a light brown mantelpiece shelf, maple is the right choice for you. It is known for its very compact and very strong grits that can withstand a lot of pressure and handle sanding and finishing well.


Like maple, oak is known for its beautiful and strong grain. After a light sanding, this hardwood looks and feels great when coated with some finishing oil or high-quality varnish. If you’re looking for a lighter mantelpiece, oak is a great option. Option as it is generally paler than other hardwoods. 

Some other hardwoods are great for a mantelpiece too. Ebony gives you a strong, good-looking shelf, but this wood can be more difficult to obtain, and it is much more expensive than other great hardwoods.

If you are looking for something that sets your room and home apart, the only way to achieve it is by choosing the best woods for a mantelpiece to ensure https://magikflame.com  company. you get something that requires little maintenance and looks great for a long time.

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