Are Free VPNs Stealing Your Data? — Here’s How You Can Tell

Have you been using a VPN that you downloaded for free? Then you need to know a little secret. The VPN you’re using is probably involved in cyber theft. Yes, these VPNs steal your Data to sell for a hefty sum. Not just data, free VPNs can easily hack your device to make it inaccessible for you.

If you want to prevent your data from being stolen and your computer from being safe, read this article to learn about the safety measures you can take.

Signs that your data has been compromised

Truth be told, one cannot really tell if their VPN has been stealing their data. VPNs are very sneaky while committing such crimes, so it is super hard to tell.

  •       Frequent pop-up advertisements block your screen.

If you’re getting way too many pop-up ads that block your whole screen, especially with your location on them, it means that your security may have been compromised.

  •       Redirection problem in the browser.

When you open your browser and are redirected to a website that you didn’t open, this is called hijacking, which means that your Data is being leaked.

  •       Sudden loss of disc space.

If you notice that your computer is filled with unrecognizable folders and has no space left, then it could be a sign. VPNs also inject malware or ‘malicious software’ into your computer while disguising it as a ‘Free download.’

  •       Suspicious emails disguised as friendly.

If you’re getting emails with suspicious downloading instructions under the pretense of your VPN, then there is a high chance that your Data is being stolen.

These are a few of the many dangerous actions that free VPNs do, to your computer. If you notice anything suspicious, you need to scan for any malware.

Which Free VPN won’t steal my data?

None of it. All free VPNs are free for a reason. They do provide you with free service, but under the pretense that they are helping you stream safely. Do not fall for this lie, as this is just baiting to sweetly steal your data. They do not care about you because you didn’t pay for anything. So, in exchange for you using their service (which is so and so, let us tell you), they are looting you of your personal information.

If you ask any VPN master, they will warn you of the hazards of a free VPN because nobody likes to risk their privacy and data to stream. So, the end line is – don’t use free VPNs. Instead, save yourself the trouble and subscribe to a premium VPN that will ensure great safety and not steal your data.

What about a 100% Free and 100% Safe VPN?

Even if you see 200% Free and Safe VPN, don’t believe them. Free VPNs are bad for you. You are going to risk your privacy if you give in to these deceptive claims. Even Premium VPNs don’t claim this high because 100% is an unrealistic claim. With technology, there are always some variations.

Any premium VPN will admit they are not 100% safe, but they have 24/7 help chat support ready to help you the second you run into a problem. Even if you’re suddenly disconnected from the VPN due to some connectivity issues, a premium VPN will prioritize your safety and terminate your connection with the sites you have opened so nothing can be traced.

Are Premium VPNs worth it?

If you’re wondering what is a VPN especially the premium VPN, then you are on the right platform. a premium VPN will never steal your data and sell it to third-party buyers. Premium VPNs will also provide a buffer-free experience and safe searching, which is not expensive.


What’s more, they have a lot of servers to choose from. So, for instance, if you want to watch a movie on Hulu, you can use your premium VPN subscription to unblock the geo-restriction. Hulu is blocked everywhere besides the USA, so a premium VPN is handy.

If you are a sports watcher, then you can also use VPN (premium one, not free) to unblock geo-restricted sports channels. In addition, you can also make safe bank transfers. So, if you’re worried while transferring money from your e-bank, VPN can help you remove any traces.

It’s amazing how premium VPNs work hard to save you from spying eyes. So, to answer your question after proving – yes, premium VPNs are worth it.

Is Free VPN Reliable for Streaming?

While you technically can use a free VPN for streaming, it may not be the best option. Free VPNs typically have limitations, such as data usage caps, limited server locations, and slower connection speeds, which can negatively impact your streaming experience. Additionally, free VPNs may not offer the same level of privacy and security as paid VPNs, potentially leaving your personal information and streaming activity vulnerable to tracking and surveillance. If you’re serious about streaming and want a high-quality experience with strong privacy protections, it’s recommended to use a reputable paid VPN service that specializes in streaming.

Final Takeout

You have been told the hazards that Free VPNs come with. Unfortunately, with 100% Free and Safe claims, you only get their low-quality service. It seems free and safe but is privacy-costing and unsafe. So, Free VPNs are stealing your data, whether you know it or not. Free VPNs are working hard, not for you but to sneak out your personal information without your consent.

Finally, if you’re willing to go through the trouble of downloading a VPN, why not download a premium VPN that won’t go behind your back to trick you?

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