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Adopt Marichiasana – Remove back and back pain

Marichiasana is named after the sage Marich, who was the son of Brahma, the creator of the universe. Maricha means “ray of light” in Sanskrit. True to its name, practicing this yoga asana can give you miraculous results. This asana can relieve your body from any kind of chronic pain. Along with this, it is also beneficial in removing problems related to the hips. Know, how this asana is done and what are its benefits.

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How to do Marichiasana:

Before practicing Marichiasana, it is necessary to learn it well. This yoga asana is done in the following steps.

  • To do this asana, first of all, lay a carpet or mat in a clean and quiet place.
  • Begin this asana in Dandasana. That is, first of all, sit down with both your legs spread straight in the front.
  • Now keep your neck and waist straight and place both hands on the ground comfortably on the side of your body.
  • Now bend one leg towards your knee. So that, the knee of your leg touches your chest.
  • During this, keep your other leg straight.
  • Now bend the upper body towards the foot on the side that your leg is straight.
  • After this, fold your hands backward and while holding the folded knee, hold the end of the wrist of the other hand with one hand.
  • Now take a deep breath and remain in this position for some time.
  • You can stay in this position for as long as possible. 
  • Now exhale slowly and come back to your earlier position and repeat the same process with the other leg.
  • Do this asana daily at least five to six times at a time.

Benefits for Marichiasana:

Like all other yoga postures, Marichiasana is also beneficial for our body and mind. 

Best for Digestion:

By doing Marichiasana, the digestion process remains correct, due to which there is no problem in the stomach. This asana is excellent for relieving stomach problems like gas, constipation, indigestion, or acidity.

1. Remove stiffness of shoulders and hips:

Many people have problems with stiffness in the hips and shoulders. But, by doing Marichiasana, the muscles of the hip and shoulder are opened. Which helps to get rid of the stiffness here.

2. Beneficial for the spine:

While doing Marichiasana, the spine and back have to be kept straight. Due to which it becomes strong and flexible.

3. Beneficial for nose:

This yoga asana is effective in unlocking the breathing passages within the body. By doing this asana, when these airways are opened. So the inflammation and excess mucus get rid of. Due to this, our lungs are also able to work well.

4. Get rid of tiredness:

By doing Marichiasana, the muscles are pulled, the organs inside the body are stimulated. In this way, the stressed areas are opened and one feels full of energy and happy. This asana is effective in relieving fatigue. By doing this, a person remains agile and feels new energy in himself.

5. Relief from menstrual problems:

By doing Marichiasana, women get relief from pain and discomfort during menstruation. By doing this asana, the blood is taken care of properly till the pelvic area. Not only this but the muscles of the pelvic region are also strengthened. Due to which women get relief from the problems caused during periods.

6. Increases Concentration:

By doing this yoga asana, the mind becomes calm. After practicing Marichiasana, your lower back becomes flexible. So it affects our entire nervous system. After doing this asana for a few months, you will feel a different change in yourself. You will take more interest in work and if you are a student then you will be able to study well.

7. Neck and Legs Made Stronger:

Marichiasana requires the neck to be twisted and back in a rhythmic manner. In particular, bending forward in this asana greatly improves the flexibility of the neck and shoulders. By doing this asana, the legs become strong and toned. This yoga asana is also helpful in balancing body weight. By doing this, fat does not accumulate in the body, due to which obesity is reduced.

Under what conditions should not do Marichiasana:

There are many benefits of doing this asana but in some situations, it should not be done, like

  • Marichiasana should not be done by people who have problems with high or low blood pressure.
  • Such people should also not do this asana, who is complaining of migraine or headache. Because in this condition the patient cannot stay in this pose for a long time. If you want to do this, then consult a doctor or yoga expert.
  • If you have any kind of injury or pain in your back or waist. Even then, avoid doing this asana.
  • Do not do this asana even in case of stomach pain.
  • If you are pregnant, then you should consult your doctor before doing Marichiasana or any asana. 

By doing Marichiasana, all the parts of the body work properly and at the same time, one gets rid of mental stress. But, before starting any asana of yoga, consult your doctor and do it only under the guidance of a yoga expert. In the beginning, practicing Yogasanas by yourself can be harmful to you. Therefore, it is necessary to learn them well first.

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