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A Prospect doesn’t believe the SEOCalling!

In a very nice way, I asked him why his company, with a turnover of £32M ($45M) could not be found if “Manchester solicitors” was keyed into Google.

He was intrigued and also, I guess slightly annoyed by this – after all it’s both business and personal pride – speaking to his friends he can say “have you seen our entries on the first page of Google”? He passed me to another person with the title Business Development Director. Now, I have years of sales background and assumed that this means you have an interest for generating new business. However, it actually means that you focus on the logo, brand image and literature – assuredly then business will naturally follow.

Well, I thought that the 20 to 40 people a day keying in “Manchester solicitors” would be real business that I would want to have now. Maybe, I am missing the point, but having a nice brand can surely never outstrip the front page on a Google search. He also says he has come across numerous SEO companies and suggested that SEOCalling were not unique and many people can get 2 out of the first 10 results on the Google front page. Long phrase keywords are very effective in search engine optimization. Read about the best SEO Tool ‘’ Longtail pro ‘’

Well, this got us thinking plus suggested a challenge to our very manhood (well, maybe not but I am trying to build the excitement for the reader!). So, we are in the process of creating a web-site for those well-known solicitors “Sue, Grabbit and Runne”, the very famous Manchester law firm. The idea being that we will create a spoof site and prove we can actually do what we say on the tin. Hopefully, by this time next month we will be searchable on MSN, Google I believe will come in some 3 months after MSN, as we have bought a new domain to host the site. We hope you will see how we are doing by keying in “Manchester solicitors” to MSN and then Google. I will keep you updated on how we are doing.

Free Eid present from SEOCalling

In any business, the people who work in it daily can become too focused on their own issues and end up communicating with colleagues and customers in their own special language. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is particularly prone to this, because we spend so much time interfacing to machines and working with search engine algorithms. So, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to give you, our customers and potential customers, a taste of what it is like to do SEO work for yourselves.

The first problem is that people working in SEO do require a level of knowledge about the different aspects of search engine optimization.

Read about the top alternative of duckduckgo. Guide here is duckduckgo safe?

The second problem is that a number of tools are required even to do the most basic work. So the answer seemed to be for us to create a free site that combined a basic primer on SEO together with the basic toolkit required.

We have put this site together at SEO Tools from SEOCalling, and yes it is free to use and free of any pop-ups or other annoying spam. So, if you would like to try a few things for yourselves before deciding whether you need professional SEO advice, feel free to use the site and recommend it to your friends.

Just to prove we aren’t just left-brain logical mathematicians, a poem from my partner, reflecting the article free SEO Tools – I really wish I could do this!



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