Top 3 health insurance with lowest premiums

The whole world has recently witnessed a deadly pandemic that made us realize how healthcare should always be our first priority. Apart from this, we know how old age itself brings in several healthcare issues which if not taken care of can drain money, energy, and time. The best way to keep yourself backed up with financial support at this point will be by having a good health insurance policy.

A health insurance policy is more of a necessity for senior citizens but at the same point, when planning to buy health insurance policy online, it can be challenging for them to choose a suitable plan that fits their budget.

Below given are some factors on the basis of which you can compare health insurance online to find the best for you:

  • Entry age
    For senior citizens, age criteria is an important factor while choosing the best plan. Some companies have no limit on the policyholder’s age while some do not allow you after 80 years. Keep the person to be assured in mind and then choose the right plan.
  • Wide coverage
    Look for a plan that offers wider coverage as treatments are getting costly day by day. Try and choose one that covers critical illnesses, pre-and-post hospitalization expenses, daycare treatments, etc.
  • Premium
    When you compare health insurance online, avoid the temptation to go for a plan that comes at the lowest premium but offers minimum coverage, as it may not be able to cover you appropriately. Try choosing one that is affordable with decent features. Some plans also come with a sum insured refill feature.

Top 3 health insurance plans available for senior citizens:

STAR Health Red Carpet 

Premium Range: INR 4,450 (SI: INR 1 lakh) – INR 35,985 (SI: INR 25 Lakhs)

(The amounts mentioned here are for a 1-year policy term under the Individual policy option)

Key Takeaways:

  • Age: 65-75 years
  • Various sum insured options are available with 3 different policy terms. Guaranteed lifelong renewals are also available.
  • Both individual and floater options are available
  • Covers for in-patient hospitalization charges including room, boarding, nursing charges, ICU charges, daycare treatments, pre-and-post hospitalization expenses, and modern treatments.
  • A waiting period of 30 days
  • No pre-acceptance medical screening

Oriental Insurance HOPE:

Premium Range: INR 4500 (SI: INR 1 lakh) – INR 6400 (SI: INR 5 lakhs)

(The amounts differ according to the age groups of the policyholders)

Key Takeaways:

  • Age – above 60 years
  • Various sum insured options are available in the policy.
  • Covers for in-patient hospitalization charges including room, boarding, nursing charges, ICU charges, surgeon and specialist fees, blood, drugs, and anaesthesia charges.
  • Offers a discount on co-payment

Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Insurance

Premium Range: INR 1,995 (SI: INR 50 Thousand) – INR 10,959 (SI: INR 5 lakhs)

(The above-mentioned amounts are exclusive of GST and will differ according to the age of the policyholder)

Key Takeaways:

  • Age Cap: 46-70 years
  • Various sum insured options are available running from INR 50,000 to INR 5 lakhs.
  • The policy covers in-patient hospitalization charges, ambulance charges, pre-and-post hospitalization charges, and 130 daycare treatments
  • A special family discount of 5% comes with the policy.


Today, you can easily find a plan that will suit your senior citizens in the best way. Just compare health insurance plans online and purchase them for comfort and convenience.

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