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5 Best Free Alternative to PushBullet for Windows

Pushbullet is one of the finest tools to transfer your files, SMS Message, set re-orders, and many more things between your android smartphone to your personal computer and laptop. This tool provides both free and pro versions, but the free version has some limits, so that we can not access all features of PushBullet. If you want all features of Pushbullet, you need to buy the pro version. But we share with you a free alternative to pushbullet to access all the features that Pushbullet provides. Here is a list of the top 5 PushBullet alternatives check all these tools. 

List of 5 Best Alternative of Pushbullet

#1 AirDroid

If you are looking for the best alternative to Bushbullet, AirDroid can be the best option. Using this software, you can easily share and transfer your file, check your phone notification, install any app on your phone, pick and reject your calls, send messages, and many other things provided in Pushbullet. When you use this software, you would not need to operate your phone or tablet simultaneously. You just use this software on your personal computer and manage your phone or tablet. This is not a free tool. This tool also has some premium subscription plans, $2 to $20 per year, but we compare this tool price to Pushbullet. This tool is more cost-effective than pushbullet plans.

Overall, As our comparison, AirDroid is one of the best options for Pushbullet because this tool has some additional features.

Accessibility:- Windows, IOS, MacOs, Android, AirDroidweb 

#2 Crono

Talk about another Pushbullet alternative – Crono. As compared to AirDroid, this software is far better. Best user interface and easy to manage. This software provides some additional features that pushbullet doesn’t have. All similar features that Pushbullet provides additionally you can reply to whatsapp messages and check your Facebook, Instagram notifications. This software also supports call notifications. You can receive a call and also decline the call with a notification message. If you miss some notifications on Crono software, you can also check your missed notification on your smartphone. In addition, Chrono supports one of the best features, and this software has universal clipboard sharing. You can share the clipboard with only one click from your android and ios smartphone. After doing this, the most beneficial element about Crono is that it is entirely end-to-end encrypted like a Pushbullet. So all the communications between your smartphone and computer are always safe, and any data can stop the packet. And unlike the Pushbullet, which provides only 100 notifications/month, on the other hand, Chrono offers 2400 notifications balance under the free plan. It’s incredible, fairly? Therefore, if you want the best alternative for the Pushbullet, simply continue with Crono. There are also applied apps for MacOS and Windows operating systems. 

#3 Snapdrop

If you are looking for a Pushbullet similar to file-sharing persistence, you have to examine the Snapdrop. This is the quickest and most straightforward way to share files on different platforms without installing an app or scanning QR codes. It is an open-source web-based program that works on all devices. You just require a general Wi-Fi access point. Suppose your personal computer and mobile are attached to the same Wi-Fi network, open on both devices, and start sharing the files. The best element about Snapdrops is that it is speedy, you can share several files from one, and there is no ad. Not mentioned, all your file transfers are encrypted only by using TLS protocols like PushBullet. To remove the conclusion, if you mainly use the PushBullet for file transfers, the Snapdrop is not the best optional time in this list. 

#4 My Phone – Windows Companion

As the name implies, My phone is a Windows Companion software developed by Microsoft. Unlike android, my smartphone is not a sufficient device manager, at most insignificant not yet. But, Microsoft announces that they are running on adding new features to the software.

For now, answering my phones, send text messages, checking Skype notifications can be used to move the photo. Yes, it is not enriched as some other devices, but you can expect to get more updates to this app. Future. It is also worth noting that this special partner will work only with Windows and Android. So if you are an android smartphone user that keeps a Windows PC, then my phone is unquestionably worth examining. 

#5 EasyJoin

Easyjoin is the comparatively latest app in Android, but it has soon got great popularity with Geeks. The main USP of Easyjoin is that it is free, and you can make a group of those essential elements that are usually possible under the payment method. To start, you can connect your smartphone to your computer and get all kinds of notifications. You can also answer messages and operate actively like ‘Mark Reid,’ ‘Snowz’ etc. 

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