18-36 Months Sleeping Bags

Parents might wonder which are the best 18-36 months sleeping bags available in stores because as the baby is born, parents wonder what the best style of bedding they should choose for their newborns and when is the time to change the certain sleeping product. Another question is which product available in the market is best for their baby because the first few years are crucial as babies spend most of their time sleeping and growing. Several sleeping articles in the market claim to make your baby’s slumber more peaceful, like swaddles, babacacs, grobags/ growbags, baby sleep sacks, etc. Still, not all of them are suitable for all babies. 

For instance, swaddles are the best option for newborns because they give them the feeling of a womb that feels like a mother’s touch but soon, they start to roll over. However, swaddles are a big no for toddlers. The best option for babies 18-36 months old would be sleeping bags.

Which Style Of Bedding Is Best For Your 18-36 Month Baby

Sleeping bags are generally considered the best option for 18-36 months old babies who are always on the move. Among all the sleep bags, sleep bags with sleeves are better. Swaddles and loose blankets are not fit because babies roll over, they move a lot, and these products can tangle them. In addition, babies might catch a cold in loose blankets because they do not stay put in one place throughout the night, and especially 18-36-month-old babies should not be restricted in swaddles. They need to move around a little and kick around as well. Therefore for 18-36 months, sleep bags are the best. 

Things To Look For While Choosing A Sleep Bag For Your Baby

  • Right TOG rating. TOG is the full Thermal Overall Grade form used in the textile industry to measure the right temperature. They vary from 0.2 TOG to 3.5 TOG. 0.2 for extremely hot weather and 3.5 for extreme cold. 
  • Right size according to your baby’s age and weight.
  • Is it allowing your baby to sleep peacefully?
  • A sleeping bag which does not harm your baby’s health. 
  • Affordable price

Benefits of Using 18-36 Months Sleeping Bags

  • Ensures a peaceful slumber throughout the night
  • If the baby sleeps peacefully, parents do too
  • They come in different styles, and TOG ratings
  • Keep your baby warm and cozy
  • Stylish choice of bedding

What Sort of Sleep Bags Should Be Avoided

While opting for a sleeping bag, you should look for one that gives you more options. There are several products available in the market, so why not choose the one which can be customized according to your needs? There are all sorts of sleeping bags, like, sleep sacs, sleeping bags with split legs, and sleeping bags with detachable sleeves options. For 18-36-month-old babies, sleeping bags with detachable sleeves and split legs are the best options according to the above mentioned qualities. Sleeves can keep your baby warm in cold weather, and if the weather is a bit warm, you can easily remove the sleeves. 

Sleeping bags that do not allow these options should be avoided. 

Where Can You Find Sleep Bags With Sleeves?

There are a number of brands in the UK that provide 18-36 month sleeping bags and sleeping bags with sleeves. Some have detachable options, and some don’t. The brands which are considered top brands have been enlisted to help you choose the one that fulfills the criteria that you are looking for. 

  1. Bug Bag

Their baby sleeping bags come in various TOG ratings and innovative, unique, and elegant styles, like sleeping bags that have sleeves with detachable arms and split legs options. To keep your baby protected from cold weather, you can make your baby wear the sleeves and if it gets a little warm, remove those sleeves to make your baby feel at ease. Removable sleeves can be detached when your baby is sleeping overnight to have an undisturbed sleep. Their sleeping bags are fit for when you are feeding your baby or changing their diapers. 

They claim to make their 18-36 months sleeping bags with sleeves of 100% cotton in the outer and the inner layer to give a cozy feel. Super soft BCI cotton, which is hypoallergenic, ecologically responsible, and sustainable, is used to make BugBags. Their products are extremely affordable, and the price range varies from £24- £22. Their goal is to help parents and babies to have a peaceful sleep without being distracted. Their baby bag can be transformed into a regular bag by joining the split legs together with a zipper or by opening the zipper to put your child in a highchair. 


  • Budget-friendly and easy on the pocket
  • Comes with removable sleeves
  • It can be used as a regular sleep bag or with split legs
  • Is hypoallergenic, sustainable, and environment friendly
  • Free delivery on orders over £40.


  • Not available in less than 1.5 TOG
  • Not fit for summers
  1. Slumbersac

They claim to have designed an original style of sleeping bags with feet for both babies and parents. This unique sleeping bag can be fit for you if you or your baby is uncomfortable when your feet are covered. On the other hand, if your baby likes to move around a lot and have freedom, then these open feet are going to be helpful. Slumbersac has sleep bags with sleeves, but the problem is that these sleeves are not detachable. They are rather permanent, but you can fold them. The price range varies from £54 to £20 depending on the TOG. 


  • Provides sleeping bags with sleeves
  • Keeps your baby warm


  • Have permanent sleeves and can’t be removed when baby is warm
  • No split legs
  • Not fit for summers
  1. Snoozebag

If you are looking for a regular sleep bag for your baby, then you can opt for a snoozing bag. They do not provide sleeping bags with sleeves, but they have a wide variety for 18-36 months babies. In addition, they claim to be approved by British Safety Standards, so they will not be a hazard for your baby and will not cause harm while your baby is sleeping. 


  • Fit for you if you want a regular sleeping bag
  • Wide variety


  • No sleeves, either removable or detachable
  • No split legs
  • Ordinary design


Baby’s sleep is the parent’s top priority because it is directly proportional to the parent’s sleep. Therefore, while choosing your baby’s bedding style, you should first make a list of your needs and your budget too. For example, for toddlers 18-36 months, sleeping bags are fit, but while buying, you need to see if they provide you the option of detachable sleeves and split legs; otherwise, your baby will be uncomfortable in long sleeves when sleeping overnight. Moreover, if there is no option for split legs, you can’t sit your toddler in a highchair. So these qualities make the Bug Bag the center of parents’ attention.

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